Go Girls fades to black

The revitalised, recast and reinvented fifth season of Go Girls has whimpered its way to a dismal end with the two hour season finale drawing an average audience of only 159,720 viewers, its lowest ever.


It was a brave and bold move which had all the potential in the world to be just as successful but creating a spin off while keeping the show’s name just hasn’t worked unfortunately.

With ratings this low, and trending downward, it will be interesting to see if NZ On Air approve funding for a 6th season.


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  • K

    surely they wouldn’t!

    I’ve never seen a show fail that much!!

  • pea.brain

    never know this might just get another series look at almighty johnsons they got given a 3rd series

  • aaronimpact

    I wonder why the low ratings? I’ve been enjoying it.