If only David Shearer could get this type of publicity

TV3 are airing a documentary tonight, with funding from the NZ On Air platinum fund, that gives a rare insight into the life of former prime minister Helen Clark.  It’s screening after TV3’s wallowing current affairs show 3rd Degree.

This seems strange to me.  I would have thought that it would have provided a strong Wednesday line up to run the news, Campbell Live, this doco and then 3rd Degree but instead there is that home rennovation show.  Perhaps the bump to 9:30 suggests that the content may offend and is suitable for a mature audience.

“For Helen Clark, politics was everything. She ate, slept and drank it.”

The words of John Key, seemingly in admiration of his former political foe, open a documentary premiering on TV3 tonight.

Inside New Zealand: Helen Clark gives a rare, candid insight into the life of former Prime Minister and Labour leader Helen Clark.

The two-part documentary takes a wide-ranging look at her life: from her rural upbringing, early political career and years as Prime Minister to her current gig as head of the United Nations Development Programme.

It includes rare interviews with her family about their formidable daughter, sister and wife.

Part one of the documentary, Road to Power, screens on TV3 at 9:30pm tonight. Part two, Hard Labour, is at 9:30 on July 30.

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