Insider questions 3rd Degree credibility

While the evidence provided by 3rd Degree was interesting and generated a lot of talk, many, and us included, thought the reporting was rather poor.

The following comment was posted by someone who covered the case when it happened and suggests the 3rd Degree story hurts the credibility of television journalism.

I was sent down there on the day it happened to cover it for the Holmes Show. At that time we all thought it was a tragic murder suicide. I think the police thought that too, which is why they didn’t take the initial collection of evidence with the diligence they should have.

It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall when they suddenly realized the evidence they did have was all pointing to a different killer. That must have been a really holy s**t moment.

I don’t really care who the killer was. Its a good story either way, although do enough stories on something and you grow an opinion.

Still having a personal opinion should not get in the way of professional journalist presenting the facts in an unbiased manner.

What gets to me is when I see a program that is so badly done… so bias and uncritical it wouldn’t make it as an episode of Mythbusters. It hurts the credibility of my industry and it makes me mad.

Believe what you want but don’t base anything on such a poorly done show.

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