New label same soiled underwear

So TV ONE has rebranded. I do hope it didn’t cost them more than $100 bucks as I could have pointed out to them how to un-italisise their font for free. Then again those within the Deathstar that control the chequebook would have had to have been listening!

Of course they could have simply recycled some of the branding they had in the 90’s. It was far more engaging. Oh how I long for the days of bona-fide creatives when, under John McCready, real talent was brought on in the guise of people like Bruce Carter, Dean Wheeler and Saatchi and Saatchi. In those days not only did the viewers care and talk about the brand (remember the dog?) but along with excellent commissioners in the shape of Maureen Sinton, Glen Usmar, Bettina Hollings, John Wright and Brian Holland, decisions actually translated to ratings and the maintenance of a dominant audience share.

How on earth has the current state of affairs at TVNZ been allowed to eventuate? (That was rhetorical!)

Apathy and the culture of fear that exists amongst most experienced NZ practitioners is the reason, an outline of which, with evidence, I shared with the current CEO, Kevin ‘I used to sell holidays’ Kenrick, who sadly lacked the class to respond to the 3 emails he was sent.

Perhaps he was too busy posing in front of a bank of TV monitors, which I think is the closest he’s got to understanding the making of TV since he started taking a fat salary at OUR state broadcaster.

In my opinion It’s a travesty that so few will openly criticise the toxicity that exists at TVNZ, but that so many in the industry continue to complain about it privately.

Next week I will share on Throng a clip that we filmed 3 weeks ago with John Cleese, (there’s nothing like a bit of a build-up), where he talks about Television Commissioners in general – although I would swear he’s talking specifically about TVNZ!

And for those of you who care passionately about the business of TV I defy you not to love, respect and agree with what he says.

As I have said a number of times before, kiwi viewers and taxpayers deserve better and I will not be happy, or give up, until the current management at TVNZ is gone.

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Nigel Godfrey

Nigel Godfrey has vast experience in the television industry: working for Thames Television (UK), Channel Ten (Australia), The Australian Film and Television School, TVNZ and Southern Star. He worked on The International Final of Miss World broadcast live from The Royal Albert Hall to an estimated worldwide audience of 500 million and the opening ceremony of The Commonwealth Games in 1990. He has enjoyed a variety of positions including numerous acting roles on television, film and stage, senior floor manager, directing, writing and producing hundreds of hours of broadcast programming and television commercials. Nigel was instrumental in the set-up and operation of New Zealand's first regional television station CTV, and founded Eureka Productions.

Nigel has worked with TVNZ on Masterchef, Idol, Stars in their Eyes, So you Think you Can Dance, Deal or no Deal and countless other primetime franchises.

NZ highlights include producing the 2009 telethon, The New Zealand Variety Show, children's show "Y", Sky Scene, The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

When he does have any time to spare he’s normally watching TV or spending time with his partner and 3 daughters at his home in Auckland.
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  • Regan this is odd that this post bears your name when it was actually written by Nigel Godfrey and posted by him last night on a Facebook page dedicated to lamenting the way things used to be in NZ TV. I was never a commissioner at TVNZ, nor were Bettina, Maureen and Glenn. We were all programmers. John Wright has served in the past as a programmer and a commissioner and is currently the programmer for TV One.

    • Author details corrected now i see…

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Sorry Brian. I was editing this post this morning on the WordPress app on my phone and didn’t realize it had published it.

  • uptownbob

    given TV in NZ is being controlled by younger and younger talented people and more from the outside, non-TV commercial sector what is the likelihood of Nigel’s wish to return to the days gone down?