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For us, like many viewers, Friday nights have long been must watch comedy on TV3.  7 Days is one of those shows that is series linked on the PVR so that if we can’t watch it live, it’s available to watch later.  In fact, we recently had a week away from the news and 7 Days provided an entertaining round up of what we’d missed without having to endure a newspaper.  However, this year we’ve found ourselves choosing to watch Jono and Ben at Ten before we watch 7 Days.  While 7 Days pokes plenty of fun at the news, JABAT provide an entertaining critique of the media and pop culture.  We love it but are we alone?

There has been a bit of a piss take going on about Jono and Ben at Ten that it’s this terrible comedy show slotted in after 7 Days in the hopes that it might actually be able to rate off the back of a strong lead in.  Many times we’ve heard Jono, Ben and their trusty side kick (or drop kick as they infer) Guy Williams lambasted for having no audience.  They’ve even played on it themselves.  However, this is a myth and it’s about to be debunked.

7days-ratings7 Days has rated reasonably well for TV3 but 2013 has seen the show decline 12% on last year.  Of course, we’re only midway through the season but 2013 is down 18% on the peak average audience of 311,956 viewers per episode in 2011 to 258,829 so far this year.

The interesting thing though, is that despite all the negative representation of how good Jono and Ben at Ten actually is, the numbers really do tell a different story.

In 2012, the argument held a bit of water as 7 Days had a commanding lead in the ratings.  On average, JABAT was bleeding 100,000 viewers ever episode from their 7 Days lead in, a loss of 37%.  In 2013, there is barely anything between them.

So far in 2013, the average audience for 7 Days is 258,829 compared to 253,044 for JABAT, a difference of less than 6,000 or a little over 2%.


The other interesting graph is the increase in ratings on season two for Jono and Ben at Ten.  To date there has been a 28% increase for the show on 2012 which certainly indicates their suggestions that no one is watching, or cares, is false.  We’re watching and we love it!


The big question now is whether JABAT can pick things up further and pass 7 Days in the ratings.  If they do, will we hear some relentless mocking from the other side of the fence?  I hope so!  All for the sake of comedy, of course.

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  • Radiostar

    Agreed fridays now are just waiting for 7days to finish. Jono & Ben is heaps better. But role on the second series of Super City this friday. Its the best NZ comedy

  • K

    Good story, I don’t bother watching 7 Days anymore. very rarely I find any of their jokes or pisstakes funny… they just come off as tryhards
    JABAT on the other hand Is good kiwi humour. my only gripe with that show is it would be better without Guy Williams…but that’s just my opinion

  • Aaron Lucas

    I think it’s down to LOTS of cameos by celebs and maybe it is also some of the X Factor audience coming to see their favourite singers in the show this season.

  • Mike

    Friday Night is my favourite night on TV fantastic 1hr of comedy both 7day and Jono and Ben at Ten is a great watch love to have a good laugh after a hard week at work!!!!!

  • aaronimpact

    I also watch Jono and Ben at Ten.