TV2 gets Home and Away

TVNZ has confirmed it has signed a deal to bring hit Aussie soap Home and Away back to TV2 screens.

Jeff Latch, TVNZ’s Head of TV ONE and TV2, says: “We’re delighted to welcome back Home and Away to TV2.”

“Loyal fans can be reassured that we’ll give Home and Away a great weeknight timeslot, with catch-up episodes planned for the weekend. And with TVNZ Ondemand, Home and Away fans will enjoy an even greater range of viewing choices for getting their Summer Bay fix.”

Andrew Shaw, TVNZ’s General Manager Acquisitions, Production and Commissioning, says, “With this deal, TVNZ now offers viewers the best of much-loved Kiwi, Aussie and British soaps, with Home and Away joining Shortland Street and Neighbours on TV2 and Coronation Street on TV ONE.”

TVNZ will release schedule details for Home and Away in the near future.

Home and Away is a Seven Network Production and distributed in New Zealand by Endemol.

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  • River

    Man, going about obtaining the rights in such an underhanded way is so bitchy.

    • Trevor Ashman

      TVNZ make Darth Vader look like a nice guy 🙁

      • K

        how did they obtain it in an underhanded way??? *confused*

        from what i hear the distributors of Home and away have it in their contract that they can remove the show from that channel if they are in receivership …which they are!!

        • Jeff

          I think he’s referring to “It is regrettable that TVNZ has *convinced* the distributor to cancel our agreement.”

          • K

            O right! thanks Jeff
            well its a competitive business innit? I’m sure tv3 wouldn’t hold back if the shoe was on the other foot!

          • Reece

            They certainly didn’t hold back last time when they took it from TV2.

          • K

            I don’t remember last time so that’s interesting. Thanks Reece.

  • pea.brain

    how pathetic of tvnz they just couldnt cope without not having that show

    • objective

      Its business . . Endemol have the rights and determine who retains the rights. TV3 are in receivership so Endemol are looking after their investment. I am sure it will be in HD as why would it not be. Its not pathetic its TV3 who failed here.

      • K

        agreed @184857bb90587bcd9fe52824231f7c1b:disqus – I really don’t understand the criticism of TVNZ….

      • Robyn Gallagher

        Another thing – that sort of receivership clause is pretty standard in business. TV3 surely new they were exposing themselves to this sort of weakness.

    • Robyn Gallagher

      The New Zealand government requires that TVNZ deliver a profit so this sort of hard-edge business decision should come as no surprise whatsoever. TVNZ are under no mandate to prop up the ailing TV3.

    • Carol_56

      How pathetic of Mediaworks to assume that programme suppliers wouldn’t be worried about getting paid if they went into receivership.

  • Mike

    And I bet Home And Away will not be in HD either once it moves to TVNZ……

    • Carol_56


  • Trevor Ashman

    What TVNZ did to TV3 is exactly what they did to SKY with the EPL 🙁

    • geoff49

      And Max TV in the 90’s…. I still don’t feel sorry for Mediaworks/TV3 though.. If you can’t pay your bills – then bad stuff happens!

  • baldeav1e

    We’re talking about a foreign bank owned company that is skipping on $20 Million dollars worth of taxes as a result of an orderly receivership!

    You’ll excuse me if I don’t feel bad the NZ owned broadcaster scooped up this one. Mediaworks should have repercussions for their actions, and this will cost them far more than $20 Million in revenue when you consider the flow on impact to their news ratings, not to mention the rest of the evening.

    • K


  • Daniel

    The think the biggest issue here is that TV3 is the biggest loser here after losing the rights to Home and Away. It was a programme that had a big lead-in audience before the news. Some may point the blame at TVNZ, but its really TV3’s fault in the first place. They have shot themselves in the foot.

  • K
  • Drew Horan

    Wow what a difference a day makes in the world of TV. This is a terrible loss for TV3 and will no doubt hurt them in the long run! One can only wonder what will replace it. maybe UK soap HollyOaks or a second NZ soap set on the coast!

    • Robyn Gallagher

      Maybe TV3 can resurrect their 1992 attempt at a nightly soap, Homeward Bound.

    • Reece

      Hollyoaks has been attempted twice on FTA here first on One then with the last attempt by Mediaworks in 2007?? airing it at either 6 or 6:30 pm on C4. It didn’t last that long. If you may or may not know it currently airs on UKTV.

  • Lio

    The Simpsons are looking like the best replacement at 5.30.