TV3 announces Home and Away replacement for 5:30pm weeknights

jamies-15-minute-mealsAfter their receivership cost them Home and Away, TV3 have taken a different approach to the lead in to the evening news bulletin with a cooking show.  I can’t say this is a bad decision.

Jamie Oliver is coming to TV3 weeknights, with Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals screening at 5.30pm, Monday to Friday from 19 August.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals condenses Jamie’s trademark simple, unpretentious and delicious food into 15 minute bursts as he prepares two inviting family meals back-to-back in each half-hour episode. 

MediaWorks TV Director of Programming, Mark Caulton says Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals is a perfect fit with the early evening schedule.

“It’s great to be bringing this highly successful primetime series to TV3 viewers every night of the week; the 5.30pm timeslot is the perfect time to be entertained and inspired by Jamie’s recipes,” he says.

“Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals has very broad appeal and will provide a strong lead-in to 3 News.”

One of the world’s best-loved television personalities, Jamie Oliver has inspired people around the globe to spend more time in the kitchen.  Along the way, he has transformed the way we feed ourselves, and our children.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals is the ultimate food show for busy people, pushing the concept of fast, everyday food to the next level.  Viewers are invited to assemble the ingredients and cook along with Jamie, preparing a delicious meal in only 15 minutes.

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  • Reece

    This is just spin, a quick search of its previous ratings indicates the show isnt that popular and almost consistently rated under 200,000 at its previous slot of 7pm saturdays.

    Lets predict this time round it might rate 100,000 if they are luckily……

  • David Finch

    Also worth noting that the programme’s title has an apostrophe exactly where you’d expect one. Except in this press release or Throng’s adaptation of it. So… who’s too cool for punctuation? I have a feeling it wasn’t TV3.

  • K

    for real? A shitty cooking show?

    That’s the best they could come up with?!

    • Sophie

      Do you have any better suggestions?

  • Karma

    I guess Jono and Ben were a bit too risky for the time slot :o)

  • Jeseta

    I actually always watched this in it’s previous Saturday slot. Lack of anything else had something to do with it but I always enjoyed it. Can’t say I’ll switch from Millionaire Hot Seat but I think they could have done alot worse when it comes to programming this time slot.

  • Drew Horan

    They could of atleast considered putting on X Factor Australia at 5pm considering it starts tonight in Oz!!

  • Russell Gray

    A cheap and tacky option. We are overloaded on cooking shows. Try something original.