TV3 demolishes Tuesday night ratings with House Rules

houserules_s1ep1TV3 made the bold move of putting House Rules, from the makers of My Kitchen Rules, up against Mitre10 Dream Home on TV2.  With are reasonably decent marketing campaign in tow, House Rules went head to head with Mitre10 Dream Home last night for the first time but after the dismal ratings it must surely be a matter of time before TV3 concedes defeat once again and shuffles their schedules.

The average audience for Dream Home was up 14% on its debut last week, jumping from 365,950 to 417,780 viewers.  The debut for Dream Home was slightly lower than The Block NZ’s debut last year which saw it pick up an average audience of 367,920 viewers.

House Rules though, has not been so lucky.  In fact, it hasn’t come remotely close.  Last week, Modern Family delivered TV3 an average audience of 232,340 viewers but more than half of them were gone this week.

A paltry 104,450 viewers on average tuned in for House Rules which then went on to seriously hamper the new line up for Tuesdays.  Last week the movie drew in 234,000 viewers where as this week, new episodes of Grand Designs Australia drew 152,000 while the new Chicago Fire only managed 130,000.  Hardly the kind of numbers you want to be reading when you’re in receivership.


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  • Jax

    I read demolishes in the headline as a positive thing, like demolishing the competition, clearly demolishing yourself is a different thing.

  • SarahB

    Will pick up. Started really low in aus then grew massively.

    • Jax

      Dreamhome will die off, its flat an uninteresting – the format seems a bit dated and very rushed . I would predict a drop off , I fell asleep watching it .

  • pea.brain

    i think it will pick up it did in australia according to tvtonight so id reccomend they leave it and let it play out, tho if tv3 did move it id reccomend putting it as the news lead in replacing e.t. and home and away

  • Christine

    I watched both last night and found House Rules far more appealing. I hope TV3 keep it at the time it is on. I find 7.30pm generally quite dull when it comes to TV.

  • Reece

    Thats a shocking result I thought it might have done mid 200,000’s at least. And to think TV3 have stripped this Tuesday-Friday. Expect Modern Family reapats, Grand Designs repeats and factual repeats if it doesnt drastically pick up.

  • Genius

    A piece of genius scheduling! I guess that’s what happens when you appoint an accountant to run programming.

  • Karma

    I can’t believe that TV3 has made minimal inroads in the ratings in all these years. It would be interesting to know how many of the ratings are based on ‘response bias’ – i.e. people watching things because they think that is what the ratings people want them to watch, rather than watching programmes they really want to. I object to 600 households telling me what I supposedly watch and dictating my viewing schedule!

    • pea.brain


  • g

    You need to re-word your headline. Saying “TV 3 demolishes Tuesday night ratings,” implies that they won the rating war…?!

    • Regan Cunliffe

      If the headline had been “Earthquake demolishes Christchurch buildings” that would mean what then?