TV3 loses Home and Away, blames TVNZ

home-and-awayMediaworks have just released the following statement regarding losing Home and Away and point blame at TVNZ.

MediaWorks NZ Limited (In receivership) said today that it was disappointed that the distributor of Home & Away had chosen to cancel its agreement and grant the licence to TVNZ.

KordaMentha partner and receiver, Brendon Gibson said that while the management team was disappointed at the loss of the programme, MediaWorks would continue to produce and broadcast great television for its viewers.

โ€œIt is regrettable that TVNZ has convinced the distributor to cancel our agreement. However, this business is much bigger than one show. TV3 continues to lead the way with producing excellent local content, broadcasting popular international programming and has the best news and current affairs in the country.

โ€œThe MediaWorks management team is now focused on providing a top quality alternative to Home & Away that our loyal audience will enjoy just as much,โ€ Mr Gibson said.

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  • 1. Wonder when the switchover will occur?

    2. Hope we stay one week behind Australia.

    3. When will it screen? Taking over the 6pm Friends slot? Taking over Neighbours at 6:30pm? After Shortland Street at 7:30pm and switch around all the evening scheduling?

    • Or on TV ONE before the news? Haha.

      • Reece

        Could be an option, remember a few years ago TVNZ attempted Neighbours at 5:30pm on One. Millionaire Hot Seat rates well but I bet its older skewing which TV One seem to treat as an unwanted child when it suits them these days so Home and Away could come in at 5:30 and shift hotseat back half an hour.

        Also remember Home and Away used to be on TV2 at 5:30 before its latest stint on TV3. Maybe this will be the end to the revolving options of My Wife & Kids, 8 Simple Rules and Hope & Faith currently at that time.

        • K

          I would quite like it before the news on One… would make a bit of sense too if they stayed with the current timeslot of 5-30 – they would keep the viewers AND more attraction to One News and Seven Sharp which they are desperately trying to promote.

          • Reece

            It certainly seems like the most likely option.

          • Confirmed to be on TV2 just now.

    • David

      at 7.30pm would be interesting, might draw people away the House Rules competition, but I think most likely it will be Neighbours at 6pm, Home and Away at 6.30pm and Shortland Street at 7pm

      • That makes more sense; will they want a soap up at 6pm though?

  • baldeavle

    Wow, TV3 must be shell shocked. Consistently their highest rated show in terms of share. Gone. Not to mention the impact this will have on the News. Presumably their receivership gave the distributors in Australia an out. TVNZ have been desperate for it for years.

  • zomgtv

    Replace this with the ITM fishing show and swear to God I’m divorcing you TV3!

  • Karma

    I haven’t been a fan of TVNZ for many years now, and after watching the doco 50 years of NZ television on Prime it went down even further. When TV3 started up, TVNZ went out of their way to make sure that TV3 couldn’t get any decent programmes, hence why it took so long for them to actually make an impact. Well I hope TV3 gets sold to someone with bigger purse strings than TVNZ and sticks it to them big time.

    • Trevor Ashman

      Can’t agree with you more Karma ….TV3 will strike back ๐Ÿ™‚

    • geoff49

      Yeah let’s prop up the foreign-owned corporation that just simply writes off it’s bad debts at our expense and keeps operating, and destroy our own homegrown taxpayer funded SOE which our Government receives dividends from… there’s smart thinking

  • K

    Shite that’s some news!!!!!!

    Home and Away is pretty much the only thing I watch on TV3 (besides XFactor).
    wonder what time slot they will be going with? taking over the 6pm friends slot would be good, or putting neighbours back at 6pm and home and away at 6:30!!

    sounds like tv3 are pretty pissed with TVNZ!

    • Reece

      Same here its one of the few shows on TV3 that I will have on, and i switch to One News at 6 if I watch it at 5:30 and if not I just watch the omnibus to catch up on episodes I have missed.

  • Krisda Limpapath

    Prime News First at 5:30 rating expect to rise.

  • Reece

    I wonder what they will be replacing it with, maybe they will go local with an infotainment like show or maybe this is the chance TV3 have to unleash Paul Henry on a weekday basis. But if money is an issue then I expect it to be Entertainment Tonight shifted half an hour with Everybody Loves Raymond at 5PM. Or if they want to spend a bit more money they might try to nab the rights to Deal or No Deal Australia from Prime or some other international game show.

    I doubt TVNZ will put Home and Away on TV2 between 6 & 7, that slot on the channel is somewhat designed as a last resort alternative/non-competitive slot because TVNZ want people watching One News and Home and Away will rates to well for that reason.

  • TV2 gets Home and Away:

  • Trevor Ashman

    Would love to see TV3 get the rights to Coronation Street ๐Ÿ™‚

    • K

      tvnz aren’t the ones in receivership!

    • Drew Horan

      Highly unlikely that TV3 want Coronation Street given it does not fit the TV3 brand!

      • Robyn Gallagher

        TVNZ don’t even want Coronation Street. They’re stuck with it and can’t let it go because the codgers will bitterly complain.

  • pea.brail

    dam i hope tv3 make a huge bounce back and stick it to tvnz im my opinion this would mean war hahah

  • pea.brain

    tv3 should take this as a smart move to work in thr favour ets tym to compete big tym big brother starts on the nine network in a few weeks that culd easily replace home and away and ets g rated from wot i red about lastyear

  • trigger

    Why all the fuss about an off-peak programme? It’s a competitive industry. TVNZ played ‘Home and Away’ for many years, before TV3 secured it.

    • Reece

      Off Peak it may be but it often rates higher than many prime time programmes on TV3.

  • Russell Gray

    There are other 5 day a week soaps from Australia and around the world we haven’t seen here. They might snatch up one of those. Shame yhey don’t have the momney to create a local 5 day a week soap; its about time Shortland Street was challenged.

  • Ashley

    Is tv3 poor? They should have a local soap opera that competes with shortland street

    • Drew Horan

      Its expensive to launch another soap opera and it will take time to build an audience which I suspect TV3 doesn’t have. TV One tried with a pilot soap called The Point which would of countered Home and Away when it was on TV3 but that only got as far as a few ordered scripts and never made it to air. If we were to get another soap where would it be set?

      • Anon

        The term is ‘would HAVE’, not ‘would OF’ – otherwise ‘would’ve’ would be ‘would’f’.