A quick look at 5:30pm for last night

TV3’s new 5:30pm lead in for 3 News, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, is not off to a good start.  Opening with an average audience of 78,460 viewers on Monday night, Tuesday saw almost a quarter being shed to 60,830.

3 News had a 16% drop on Monday with 284,790, and 22% on last Tuesday.

Home and Away picked up 340,020 viewers for TV2, again well higher compared to how the show was rating on TV3.

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  • Karma

    Does anyone else find that ratings system a bit dodgy? As I said yesterday, how is it that Home and Away rates higher on TV2 than TV3 when it’s being showed the same time??? If it were moved to Prime you can just about guarantee it would rate considerably lower than when it did on TV3.

  • K

    TVNZ have been advertising Home and Away a lot and showing big upcoming storylines…explosion, new bad boys, drama at Heath and Bianca’s wedding etc…maybe that’s it…