Analysis: What impact did the 5:30pm changes have on the ratings

Last night saw Home and Away return to TV2.  The much loved Australian drama had regularly been touted by those at TV3, who had been screening the show up until Friday when their rights came to an end, as the lead in that delivered a strong 25-54 audience to 3 News.  I’ve never believed this argument.

The move to TV2 was certainly good for the show.  With the third highest ratings of the night for the channel, the average audience of 352,670 was the highest rating episode since the 28th of June, 2010.  This bodes very well for TVNZ.

TV3’s replacement at 5:30pm though did not perform so well.  Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals drew an average audience of only 78,460.

In comparison, last Monday saw Home and Away draw an average audience of 254,990 for TV3, meaning a loss of 176,530 viewers.

So how did this rather significant loss of such an apparently important lead in to 3 News impact on the 6pm ratings?  Let’s take a look.

Last week, 3 News drew an average audience of 317,090 viewers with Home and Away as their lead in.  Without it, this week they drew 340,400.


When it comes to the precious 25-54 audience, the numbers are very interesting indeed.  Last week, Home and Away had 154,300 viewers in the key demographic.  3 News had 157,800.  This week however, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals managed 59,000, a 62% decrease.  Meanwhile, 3 News drew an average audience in the key 25-54 demographic of 169,900, an increase of 8% on the previous Monday, without the supposed powerhouse lead in.

While this is certainly just the start of this story, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern at TV3 if this trend continues.  The real issue will be to rebuild their 5:30pm audience.  3 News appears to have not suffered at all.

Please remember that this information is based on a single data point and is not based on a trend.

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  • Karma

    How is it that Home and Away rated higher on TV2 than TV3 when the only difference was that it had changed channels? Where were these ‘extra’ viewers when the show was on 3?

    • Cameron

      Just like anyone over 70 doesn’t realise that channels outside of TV1 exist, anyone over 50 doesn’t realise that theres channels above TV2. Maybe.

      • Karma

        You’ve got to wonder sometimes if the people with the ratings meter boxes are on TVNZ’s payroll!

        • pbrain

          u red my mind its unbelievable and by that i mean completely ridiculous how tvnz constantly outrate other networks the way ratings are collected needs to be modernised

        • Mike


      • David Finch

        “Anyone over 70….” “Anyone over 50…” Ageist nonsense.

    • Reece

      The promos TV2 were playing ‘dramtic’ storylines coming up so maybe people tuned in expecting to see those scenes monday.

    • Blair

      There would have been those people who arrived home from work and just put the TV on 2 by default just like I have always put the TV on 3 by default which is only reason I really watch Home and Away. Those that previously watched 2 at 5:30pm plus the regular Home and Away viewers makes the extra viewers. Those that still watch TV3 at 5:30pm are most likely those that put the TV on 3 by default when switching on or those that actually like cooking shows.

  • Citizen Cane

    Viewer laziness maybe. The tv’s just on in the background no one’s watching.

  • K

    Interesting, very interesting! Was wondering how TV3 News would rate as one news had ads saying ” stay with us” etc….Could it be that one news’ faulty countdown timer is to blame- people thought the news was not on for another hour so switched over to 3? 😛

    • Regan Cunliffe

      yeah, that’d be it 😉

  • Reece

    At least 3 News maintained good numbers but Jamie Oliver rating as it did was even worse than I thought it would. I would like to think Mediaworks has something up their sleeve for 2014 but we’ll see.

  • Russell Gray

    It’s possibly the lead-in to Home & Away, America’s Funniest Home Videos, which is helping.

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  • JB

    I watched H & A on Monday night on TV2 having watched it for years on TV3, accidentally ‘finding’ it as a lead into 3 News which our household always watches. We’ve given in up in the meantime as the picture quality on TV2 is just so inferior to TV3. I mean does TV2 really transmit in HD – hard to believe.