Another one of those for the "really shouldn't watch but I just can't help it" doco pile

the-man-with-the-132-lb-scrotumJust when you thought they’d run out of those “My [insert body part] isn’t normal” documentaries that enable us normal folk the chance to gawk at their grotesque misfortune while we giggle away in the privacy of our homes, along comes this new documentary from TLC in the US: The Man with the 132 Lb Scrotum

That’s about 60kg for those of you who were wondering.

On Monday, August 19 at 9 PM ET/PT, TLC will document the extraordinary story of Wesley Warren Jr., a 49-year-old Las Vegas resident who is living with a rare medical condition called scrotal lymphedema. The one-hour special, THE MAN WITH THE 132 LB SCROTUM, will follow Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people. Due to the large size of his scrotum, Wes has difficulty with simple tasks like walking, preparing meals and even going to the restroom.

According to Wes, it all began one night in 2008 when he awoke to sharp shooting pains. Afterward, the tissue around his testicles began to swell and grew bigger ever since. It’s estimated that they were growing at an alarming rate of at least 3 lbs per month. THE MAN WITH THE 132 LB SCROTUM, which highlights the difficulties of living with this bizarre situation, also reveals Wes’s many attempts to find appropriate medical care and raise money for the surgery he desperately needs. Wes eventually seeks the expertise of Dr. Joel Gelman, a clinical professor of urology from the University of California, Irvine, to perform the life-saving surgery.

“The main specimen, after surgery, was 132 lbs, but we can’t accurately predict its total weight,” said Dr. Gelman. “With an additional specimen, tissue and cell fluid not taken into overall consideration, the starting weight could have been over 160 lbs.”

THE MAN WITH THE 132 LB SCROTUM is produced by Firecracker Films and distributed by Zodiak Rights for TLC.

Which channel will this air on in NZ I hear you ask?  You’re so desperate to know, I can tell.  We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Robyn Gallagher

    I saw the UK edit of this, titled “The Man with the 10 Stone Testicles”, which makes me wonder if a NZ screening would be renamed “The Man with the 60kg Ballbags”. It’s actually a compelling doco, a sensitive look at life with a disability and the expected complications from the American medical system.

  • Tony

    This is playing on TV2 this Thursday at 9.30pm 🙂