Colin Gunderson for Mayor


You’ve got to love a good publicity campaign that crosses between the fantasy world of a TV show and reality.  With local body elections on the way, the tie in between them and Almighty Johnsons’ Colin Gunderson/Loki (Shane Cortese) running for mayor is brilliant timing.

They’ve set up a facebook page for their “campaign”

I am rich. I am very very rich. And I am not ashamed of how unbelievably rich I am.

Why am I telling you this?

Because what I am actually saying here is that I want to be the next Mayor of Auckland because I really do want to be Mayor.

With the potloads of money I have at my disposal I could do literally anything (within the laws of nature and physics) in the world I wanted to, but instead of chasing super-models round the Caribbean or flying to the edge of space, I have chosen to seek the Mayoralty of Auckland city because Auckland is the city I care about.

No secret political agendas.

No shady backroom deals.

I can’t be bought by big business because I am bigger than big business.

I am Colin Gundersen and I want to be Mayor.

So why don’t you, the voters, tell me what you want from your city, so after I’m elected I can get busy doing it.


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