Are TV3  in shell shock or denial?  Their web site still proudly claims Rachel Smalley as anchoring Firstline, even though she’s been warming a seat at Newstalk ZB for a while now.


Smalley’s departure has left TV3 in a bit of a pickle.

Never having had the audience figures, nor the respect that TVNZ’s Breakfast enjoys, at least Smalley had made serious inroads into the company’s breakfast TV ambitions.

Hard working, smart and ambitious, her departure is a huge loss to Mediaworks.

Perhaps it is because the talent pool is too shallow, but the bland faces that are holding up the job right now aren’t up to the task.


Take this morning’s “interview” with Helen Kelly as a prime example.  Ms Kelly’s politics aside, she repeats the same claims over and over without having been challenged on their veracity even once.

The result was a piece where the guest just get to run their pre-prepared message without any critical examination.

I suspect that people with issues to push will be forming a line around the block now they get free advertorials on Firstline.

But does it make for good Breakfast TV I wonder…  Will the audience like it enough to stay?

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  • Reece

    She only finished up Friday didn’t she, give them time to find a full time replacement before they change it.

  • Drew Horan

    TV3 needs to hire Adam Boland, the man who turned around the Seven networks Sunrise programme into the number 1 breakfast show in Australia and mirror the format of the NBC today show!

    • Reece

      Sadly though Network Ten has already nabbed his services for morning TV.

      • Drew Horan

        Yeah I heard, if only 3 got to him earlier!! will be interesting to see what he can do with his new show Wake Up.

    • Jeseta

      I heard the NBC Today show’s rating have been going downhill for awhile though? Still could work well here, better than what we’ve got.

      • Drew Horan

        Yeap the Today shows ratings have been dropping after the Ann Curry affair and an agressive Good Morning America but after 16 years as the number 1 breakfast show in America they were bound to suffer a decline! Exactly the current breakfast offerings don’t measure up to international versions!

  • geoff_49

    Hello… TV3… you have Paul Henry available to you don’t you? Why not use him to shove it up TVNZ’s breakfast show?

    • p.b

      haha i agree thoe weather he.d do it is another thing, thoe less tv3 wuld finally be getting thr moneys worth

  • p.b

    i wonder if amanda gillies is up for the job thatd be interesting

  • Grady Connell

    There Are Many Many Anchors/Reporters That They Could Sample Till They Find The Right Host.