Jackie Thomas music video for It's Worth It out Monday

922098_696822010344311_638391608_oHere’s a press release we received this afternoon about Jackie’s forthcoming music video.

Director Anna Duckworth and producer Alix Whittaker were approached by Sony Music the evening of Friday 26th July to concept, shoot, and edit a music video for the new winner of X Factor – an exciting challenge for the two young ladies. Their ambition and courage spurred them forward, and with the help of a small crew of dedicated friends, the two managed to pull the entire video off in one week!

I’m not entirely convinced that pulling the entire video off in one week is necessarily something to be proud of.

Anna wanted to keep the concept for the video really simple – to try to showcase Jackie’s talent in the most honest way. The idea for a one-shot video came up quite quickly in the process – Anna knew it would be a blessing given the tight turn around for the video, and she also thought it would give Jackie a really wonderful opportunity to perform. Anna says she was inspired by Jackie’s ‘Toxic’ performance on the x factor show, “she was so sultry and fierce in that performance”. With that performance in mind, Anna came up with the concept of Jackie in a sea of lightbulbs that move and pulse with the music. The song is about the journey of a relationship struggling through hard times – so Anna really loved the idea of keeping Jackie moving, by walking forward for the whole video.

Since winning X Factor, Jackie has been caught in a whirlwind (recording her album, various photo shoots, media interviews, etc). However, even amongst all the activity, Jackie was still genuinely excited about her first music video. Her enthusiasm was uplifting for first time music video director, Anna Duckworth – “Jackie was a real sweetheart to work with, it was a very long shoot and she was super patient and understanding and totally bought her A game even though we were shooting quite late at night! Everyone on the crew was impressed with her attitude and abilities.”

The video for Jackie’s first single It’s Worth It will come out on Monday 12th August on YouTube, Vimeo, and C4 – so keep your eyes peeled!


Anna Duckworth (director) : “Jackie is a true performer, she’s a natural. Everything I asked of her she totally took in her stride like it was nothing at all. She was quiet before we started shooting, it was a long day but then we started rolling she lifted the roof off the place. We filmed the video in a warehouse so all the crew was outside watching the monitor and on the big notes you could hear Jackie belting it out inside. We were all in awe – she’s the real deal.”

Alix Whittaker (producer) : “I think it’s a really bold move for Jackie – making the video for her first big single with a young up-and-coming director, but I also think it’s really endearing, Jackie is down-to-earth, she is New Zealand’s sweetheart – and it makes sense for her to work with people who get that, rather than taking a larger, more corporate approach to the video. Jackie (probably more than anyone else right now) understands the importance of giving young woman in New Zealand an opportunity to shine.”

Anna Duckworth (director) : “I was really excited meeting Jackie for the first time. I think she held out her hand and I hugged her. My first impression of Jackie was that she’s so small. She has this massive presence on stage, but in person she’s so tiny. I guess great things come in small packag

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  • Chris

    Depends on the result I think. A short time frame can either help or hinder the creative process.

  • boxtv

    I wonder if it will be any better than any of the UK X Factor winners videos which also has a “simplistic” video with their XF “journey” is shown. Maybe a “sea of lightbulbs” is like that. Won’t be surprised if they resort to that laziness.

    • boxtv

      Then again, Katy Perry’s ROAR single will be released worldwide on Aug 12 and that will trump all music videos or audios that will be released in terms of views.

  • Carol_56

    Really? all this hype about a music video? Well done TV3 for getting all this mileage out of the show

  • Jeseta

    I honestly can picture it now. It sounds incredibly cheap looking. It’s just going to be her walking amongst lightbulbs huh? Well Sony obviously isn’t putting alot of money behind her. Especially with the tell-tale ‘up-and-coming director’ spiel. You mean a director who will work for cheap? This press release is pretty see-through….

  • bobscoffee

    Why put a newbie director with a newbie music artist?