Jason Gunn heading to Mediaworks

I know at least one person who won’t be happy about this announcement but Jason Gunn is moving to Mediaworks in 2014.  Granted, it’s only Mediaworks Radio but how long before we see him popping up on TV3?  Can anyone remember the last time Jason appeared on TVNZ?  Perhaps the return of Thingee will be on a different channel as well…

Broadcaster Jason Gunn has signed with MediaWorks Radio, owners of many of the country’s biggest radio brands, including The Edge, The Rock, MORE FM, RadioLIVE, The Sound, The Breeze, George FM and Mai FM.

MediaWorks Radio CEO Belinda Mulgrew says:  “Jason is an extremely talented broadcaster and I’m very happy to welcome him to our family.”

Jason will take up his MediaWorks contract in 2014.  There are no announcements at this stage on the specifics of his work with the company.

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  • Russell Gray

    Is he still working for/running Whitebait TV or is he abandoning that?

  • Christine

    Aww I love Jason. I’d love to see him on TV again – he certainly has more personality than some other TV “personalities”. I’m assuming he will not be on Classic Hits though which is a shame.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    When is he going to be back on TV? He needs to have his own show.

  • bobscoffee

    Why am I not surprised? Beyond the news, TVNZ have no more ‘personalities’ left.

    • geoff_49

      simon barnett?

  • Jeseta

    Kinda of disappointed to know that ‘Jase and Dave’ on Classic Hits will be no longer. I thought they made an excellent duo and it was the only radio show in NZ I thought was genuinely funny. Hopefully they have something good planned for him.

  • Avi

    Earlier this year Peter-Mac from the breakfast show on The Breeze Christchurch announced his retirement. His job was advertised earlier too. Perhaps Jason is ready for a return back to hometown Christchurch..

    • Reece

      That position has already been filled. Another Christchurch Radio Personality James Daniels has got that position. I think Jason Gunn is too vibrant for the ‘relaxing’ angle the Breeze has these days.

      I reckon it would be More FM. Maybe Gary McCormack might leave or maybe Clark Gayfords national drive (and the local canterbury drive) show on More FM will get the chop.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    It’s time for Jason to get back to his roots, which is TV. That’s what he’s known for. I’d love to see him on 7 Days. Now that would be funny.

    Preferably, I’d like to see him hosting New Zealand’s Got Talent, because he’s rally great at that type of show. He’s funny, he’s nice, and he can ad-lib well.