It is only when you follow her talents behind the obvious of That 70’s Show and Family Guy that you realise how good she really is.  Brittney Stephens takes us through a list of 10 Reasons Mila should be your friend:

1. She’s like, really pretty. But she doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

“I was never raised to think that I was pretty. It’s not that I was raised to think I was unattractive, but it was just never something that was pointed out to me by my family. They would point out personality traits — ‘our daughter is really quirky’ — versus what I look like, because inevitably, looks go, so it makes no difference.”

2. She’s good at giving perspective on life. . .


3. . . . And advice on flirting.

“I think playing coy is silly. Speak your mind. If a man gets turned off, he’s the wrong man.”

4. In fact, she’ll help you find a date online.
“I love those sites. I go on and I pick the guys for my friends. I think it’s great. It’s online shopping! We all get together with our laptops and have a glass of wine, then we message the guy. I’m just really honest and blunt. I’m really good at ‘About Me’. I feel like I could never write anything about myself, because that’s like a therapy session. But about your girlfriends? You just write what you love about your friends.”

5. She’s also not afraid to curse someone out for you.

Mila doesn’t hold back from defending her friends, even if she has to do it in another language. During a 2011 press conference for Friends With Benefits in Russia, Mila stood up for her costar and real-life pal Justin Timberlake when a reporter asked him why he chose to do a movie instead of sticking to music. In her native tongue, Mila retorted, “What would you rather have him do?” and added, “What kind of question is that? Why are you here?” What makes the clip even better is the puzzled, amazed look on Justin’s face.

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