Music Video: Jackie Thomas - It's Worth It

X Factor New Zealand winner Jackie Thomas has released the music video to her #1 single It’s Worth It.  Someone say hanging light bulbs.

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  • bobscoffee

    The first and most likely the last music video this director will be in charge of I’d say.

    • Robyn Gallagher

      She’s a young director and doesn’t necessarily have a ton of previous experience, but under the circumstances, I think this is a good enough video.

  • K

    Hanging light bulbs!

    • geoff_49

      and they aren’t even energy savers

  • Robyn Gallagher

    There are lots of comments on YouTube and Facebook about how budget the video looks – and these are coming from Jackie fans! Basically, this is a cheap-as video, whipped up in a week. I’ve seen a production budget estimate of $3000, and that’s with a largely volunteer crew working for the experience (and that’s why they went with an up-and-coming director, rather than an established music video production house). For some perspective, NZ On Air music video funding is $6000 and that’s enough to make a really good looking video. The video has some some good ideas behind it, but the finished product lacks the elusive X-factor. The “It’s Worth It” video is an honest reflection of the reality of being a winner of The X Factor in New Zealand.

    • Chris

      I don’t think every seen such overwhelming negativity about a music video before and it’s no surprise to see they’ve now disabled and removed all comments from YouTube. It’s a shame really because the production values on the show were amazing and I know for a fact you can get a better looking video with less or no money. No disrespect to Jackie or the director though – I’m sure they did the best they could with the time and money they had. Like everyone else I place the blame squarely at Sony’s doorstep. One wonders if they even really wanted a video at all the way it’s happened and I hope it’s not an indication of how they’re going to treat Jackie’s time with them. It’s really not the best start…

      • Chris

        ‘I don”t think I’ve ever seen’ is what that that first part should say. I should’ve proof read that before posting it =P

      • Reece

        Should we look into the fact that its hosted on a Sony NZ account instead of a Vevo of Jackie Thomas one. They obviously arent hopeful of a long career.

        • Robyn Gallagher

          And check out the Sony NZ YouTube account. There have only ever been three videos uploaded to it – Jackie’s vid, Stan Walker’s Mt Zion song, and a homemade video of a bunch of NZ One Direction fans jumping around singing “What Makes You Beautiful”.

        • Drew Horan

          Jackie finally has a vevo now!! Thank gawd!!lol

  • Jeseta

    This is the cheapest MV I’ve ever seen…. Is it really possible that a company like Sony NZ doesn’t have more than $3000 to spend on a video? What an embarrassment. Fingers crossed Benny gets better treatment …

  • Jeseta

    Hmm, I’d really like to know what Trevor thinks of all this…

    • Chris

      Surely he can’t be one of the few people who actually thinks this is a good video, right??

      • Jeseta

        Never underestimate his delusions…

    • Robyn Gallagher

      Trevor may be a hardcore Jackie fanboy, but he usually turns out to be right about her. If his silence on this is deliberate, it speaks volumes!

      • Jeseta

        Oooh you could be right! Honestly I just feel sorry for Jackie that this was all Sony was willing to put into her debut video. They recently signed Moorhouse and previously signed Benny (Whenua also?) so how they expect to afford to launch all of them? Bad business….

  • Citizen Cane

    Given the reaction to it. It would not be surprised if it was buried and reshot. Which is not unprecedented. Seriously didn’t Anika Moa already do this video more successfully?