Normal transmission will resume shortly

Regan is currently in hospital with pneumonia. Thank you for your understanding!

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Co-founder of Throng. Favourite TV shows recently: Homeland and The Newsroom.
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  • Tell him to give me a login. I’ll run the joint. I’m not happy with ruining just one blog.

    • K


      • ruining present participle of ru·in (Verb)
        Reduce (a building or place) to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration: “a ruined castle”.
        Cause great and usually irreparable damage or harm to; have a disastrous effect on: “a noisy freeway has ruined village life”

        • K

          Thanks I am aware the definition of ruin

          Do you ruin quite a lot of blogs? lol

          • There are a proportion of people who believe this to be true. Luckily a larger proportion don’t think so 🙂

          • K

            that’s good 🙂
            what’s your blog?

          • I help out at Whaleoil from time to time.

  • K

    Thought there hadn’t been any updates for a while…

    Shite, get well soon Regan!

  • andre

    Good luck mate …Andre

  • Harrison

    Get well soon Regan…

  • Drew Horan


  • Holly

    Hope you get well soon Regan – everyone here at Choice TV is wishing you well.