Sharks, bad weather and record ratings

Sharknado - 2013It is rare that the second screening of something on TV rates higher than its debut.  Even more rare is when the third outing tops the first two.  Case in point is the 2013 made-for-tv disaster movie about a waterspout that flings sharks at Los Angeles.

Sharknado debuted on the 11th of July in the US and was watched by 1.37 million viewers.  It created such a buzz on social media that when the movie played a second time on the 18th of July, 1.89 million viewers tuned in, an increase of 38%.  On the 27th of July, SyFy gave the campy horror a third airing which saw the ratings jump to 2.1 million viewers, making it the most watched original movie encore in the channel’s history.

Sharknado was supposed to air in Australia in September but was fast tracked after all the social media publicity.  How long before it screens here is anyone’s guess but I want to see it!  Before the 2014 sequel set in New York I hope!

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  • Drew Horan

    Is this heading to Pay or free to air?

  • Jeseta

    After hearing about this film when it first aired I was interested to see that this ‘B Movie’ style programming was a fortnightly thing for the SyFy network. I think it’s silly fun and the movie that aired after the first repeat ‘Blast Vegas’ looked pretty enjoyable too. Maybe a regular ‘Creature Feature’ would be popular programming on FOUR?

  • Drew Horan

    Sharknado will be airing on Prime at some point!!