Looking back over the last week or so, I’ve spent more time in front of a computer screen than a TV screen for my TV needs.  It started with keeping track of developments at Parliament with the Privileges Hearing, and of course the now infamous two dead snapper held up by David Shearer.

via TV3 News

via TV3 News

On Saturday I found myself with net access but in a place without Sky TV.  A little nimble Google-Fu had me watching the All Blacks a mere 1 minute 40 seconds delayed over the live broadcast.

Next, I tuned into the Louis Vuitton Cup final races just before taking the kids to school – then rushing back to see Team New Zealand take the cup.

In an increasingly busy life with lots of commitments but improving connectivity, I seem to squeeze my TV watching in when I can, often multi-tasking (ahem, working…).  The days of sitting in front of the TV are coming to an end for me.

I want it when I want it, I want what I want, and I want traditional media channels to make it available to me.  Now.

Using the All Blacks game as an example, I am happy to pay for the privilege.  In fact, I pay for Sky.  But I can’t hop onto the Sky Web site and pay to watch the ABs do their thing as a streaming service “on demand”.  Instead, I had to use the power of the Internet to get around this artificial block.

Of course, as people like myself are looking for ways to get what they want, when they want it, we invariably find ways to deny revenue to those that need it most – our local broadcast industries and their advertisers.

And yet they are already quite generous with live streaming of news, current affairs and critical sporting moments such as the Louis Vuitton final races.  Not to mention on-demand streaming of their flagship products.

So what is holding them back from streaming everything?  Radio does it.  Tick Tock people.

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  • Greg

    If you were a Sky Sport subscriber, then yes you could have streamed it through iSky. But I agree – it would be great to be able to purchase one-off events more easily, either live or on-demand, and either on TV on internet, without needing to have a monthly subscription. Sky does get close to this with (a small number of) movies though.

  • Mark

    You need to check out isky.co.nz
    They have definitely improved it and they do know this is the way of the future – believe me.
    You can now stream all the sport channels! In low or HQ (not sure what the actual resolutions are).
    The best part of it is that you can now ‘catch up’ on TV you have missed on SKY.. Movies, sports, prime tv shows – most of their content.

    So how was the quality of the All Blacks pirated stream you were watching? Piss poor I’m assuming.. This is what makes me really upset. You can’t beat watching the All Blacks in amazing 1080i on your HD TV at home. Long live HD!