Almighty ratings decline for local drama

It really has been a bad year for local drama ratings.  First, Go Girls had their worst rating season in five years.  Nothing Trivial launched their 3rd season with their lowest rating episode ever and the next two episodes producing even lower viewership figures again.

And then we come to TV3’s The Almighty Johnsons which ended it’s third season last night.  Despite being picked up for broadcast in Australia, the UK, Canada and even the US, its ratings have been rather disheartening here.

Season one had an average audience of 251,485 viewers.  Season two was down 23% to 193,669 viewers.  The third season, however, has ended with an average audience of 122,191 – that is 37% fewer viewers than season two and less than half of the audience who saw the first season.


Looking at the graph though, the audience does appear to be reasonably consistent which would suggest the fans are at least dedicated to the show.  Unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be enough of them.

When it comes to viewers who recorded The Almighty Johnsons on their PVRs and watched it during the week following broadcast, 13% of the audience watched it delayed in 2012 and 12% so far in 2013.

Looking at these figures, if funding for the third season was questionable, a fourth season must surely be unlikely.  As with season three, a petition has been made for fans to call for producers and funders to make a fourth season.

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  • dylan

    Tv3 needed to play replays of passed seasons for people to catch up before new season would be aired, if this was done, i say viewing numbers would of been much higher,

  • pb

    wow so that means definately another season by the looks of it…..not well lets not hope not

  • Jay

    We need new shows from fresh writers, not show-after-show from James Griffin and Rachel Lang

    • Reece

      Well hopefully as their shows either collaboratively or with others this year haven’t performed well we may see something from someone else.

      Although I do enjoy their shows and will give a show a go if it has their name attached to it.

    • Jeseta

      100% Agree! We need fresh blood in NZ TV, I have no idea if there is even a real industry for television writers in NZ due to how little we make but they need to get some new minds in, stat!

  • Daniel

    Various reasons why this programme is failing: average story lines, actors people can’t relate to, target audience is quite narrow (20 – 30s), bad acting, the list goes on …

    • Trevor Ashman

      You obviously have not watched one episode…..such crap 🙁

  • Guest

    The think the ratings system we have in NZ is flawed beyond belief and needs a total overhaul …no one has ever asked me what TV shows I watch 🙁

  • Trevor Ashman

    The ratings system we have in NZ is flawed beyond belief and needs a total overhaul…I have never been asked once about what TV shows I watch 🙁

  • Paul

    I am curious if anyone can explain (preferably not just an educated guess) how the PVR ratings are calculated per show?

    I read here that Nielsen doesn’t include data from from fast forwarded material:
    “Trick” activity – pausing, fast-forwarding and rewinding – is excluded”
    – Unless that has changed since Nov 2011.

    Are the PVR ratings for shows calculated by Nielsen viewers watching the content of the show, or the ad breaks, or both?

    If both how does Nielsen extrapolate the percentage of a show watched by a nielsen viewer, to a nz tv audience number?