Some America's Cup memes to help reduce your heart rate

After losing the first race this morning and then having a real nail-biter of a contest in the second, getting the blood pressure back to normal is probably what a lot of Kiwis are after this morning.  Here are a few America’s Cup images that are going around at the moment.

While there has been speculation that Oracle sailing around Team New Zealand while they were on the verge of tipping over actually created enough of a wind disturbance to prevent Aotearoa from reaching any further, there is speculation that the divine intervention that prevented a disaster came from somewhere else.


Or it could just have been as simple as this:


And then there was Jimmy Spithill’s tweet which I can only assume was something that “Angry” Larry posted on the team noticeboard, not so much as inspiration but as a demand from the salary payer.


There have also been comparisons made between Team New Zealand and the General Lee from the 80’s TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard.  Like Aotearoa, the General Lee did all right on two wheels


The car was also able to fly over the water:


If you’ve seen any more, please feel free to post them in the comments

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