Analysis: The Block NZ vs Dream Home

The second season of The Block NZ kicked off last week and so far has outperformed the first season by 14%.  The average audience for the first two weeks in 2012 was 326,905 viewers compared to 374,068 in 2013.


After the success of the first season, TVNZ decided that they needed to capitalise on TV3’s success and bought back Mitre10 Dream Home.  It was packaged nicely as a feel good story for Christchurch where so many had been impacted by the earthquakes but how did it rate in comparison?

The average audience for the first season of The Block NZ was 372,417 viewers per episode on TV3.  This years series of Dream Home had 5% less viewers with an average audience of 354,931 viewers per episode.

The highest rating episode for Dream Home was the second which drew an average audience of 417,780 viewers.  The only other episode to break the 400k mark was the finale that came in with 401,220.

The Block NZ broke the 400k mark six times in 2012 with the highest episode being the second to last one which drew an average audience of 482,510 viewers.  The finale drew an audience 19% higher than Dream Home with an average audience of 476,410 viewers.

With the second season of The Block NZ off to such a good start, TV3 will certainly be happy with how the show is performing.  The big question is whether or not they can break that seemingly illusive half a million mark.  All fingers crossed!

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  • Harrison

    What about this series of Dream Home compared to previous seasons?

  • Dick Smith

    Ellusive eh

  • Blair

    Yes what above previous seasons of Dream Home, I honestly feel that Dream Home was better in its earlier season like I never missed an episode in those earlier series even the 2009 series. The latest season was way too much like all the other reality shows and that is what ruined it, the show used to be its own show not like any other reality show. In the earlier seasons there were no “twists,” no shed cams, no competitiveness between teams and less moments of people having a melt down caught on camera. If you are going to have a reality show must it just that realiy, not something that has been staged or hyped up.

    • Jeseta

      I would guess that this season drew fewer numbers than previous seasons as all TV audiences have diminished in that time with the drift to methods other than watching TV live. It might not be a worthy comparison.