Big TV audiences for the America's Cup

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americas-cup-logo-300If the number of press releases TVNZ have sent out about the America’s Cup ratings are anything to go by, it seems as though they don’t really care that their coverage is doing so well.

On Sunday, the average audience for the first two races of the America’s Cup was 522,720 viewers.  This peaked at 669,200 viewers at the end of the second race.

Compare this to the All Blacks vs Argentina the night before.  An average audience of 508,500 viewers tuned in with the peak only reaching 535,100.  When the All Blacks played Australia in Wellington, the average audience was 585,000 viewers and the peak was 634,500 at the end of the game.  This was, though, prime time.

Considering the America’s Cup was on a Sunday morning, the ratings were impressive.  Particularly when the peak was higher than what the rugby drew.

And then we come to Monday morning.  Breakfast included their entire four hours in the ratings breakdown which gave them an average audience of 278,160 viewers.  However, the number of viewers watching between 8am and 10am when the America’s Cup was on resulted in an average audience of 405,000 viewers.  The peak came during the end of the first race with 470,900 viewers and then 470,500 during the end of the second.

The America’s Cup really does capture the imagination of the country with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in for the on water drama.


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  • Tracy

    Let’s hope they get the live streaming working much better for tomorrow – it was pretty awful yesterday!

  • Chris Philpott

    Two thoughts: 1) I wonder what the live-streaming figures are for this morning – we had two versions of it running in our office (and there are only 6 of us here!), and 2) it could never happen, but from an “I wonder …” point of view, I would LOVE to see an All Blacks test run on free-to-air just to see how high it rates compared to Sky TV.