Brilliant new season promo from Fox

Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! This is how you do a new season promo!

And in case you haven’t seen the original:

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  • Mat

    Certainly a good effort, one that we could only dream of having here.
    Gotta say though they’re still beaten by some of the season promo/idents from Australia in the early 2000s (channel 9’s Weapon of Choice ident comes to mind), or even some of Tv2’s from the 90s.
    I would love to see some personality again from our celebrities, and yes, that includes our news readers. Im sick of seeing them walking dogs and helping out at a bake sale, let’s see them have fun in promos again.

    • bobscoffee

      what personalities? TV2 hardly have any local personalities left besides the Shortland Street crew.

  • Drew Horan

    Absolutely brilliant! I hope TV3 does a knock off for its new 2014 season line up!

    • Jeseta

      You really want them to rip-off something the Americans did rather than be original? No one liked when they tried to do that with the ‘Wellywood’ sign. Besides the network is called ‘Fox’ it wouldn’t make sense for anyone else to do it.

      • Drew Horan

        lol! obviously it wouldn’t work here but I wouldn’t mind a parody of it just for a laugh, maybe Jono & Ben will attempt to link it with TV3.