More on Home and Away's move to TV2

home-and-awayIt initially it didn’t look too bad for TV3.  Then the numbers started to dwindle.  Third week in and there must be a certain degree of consternation at flower street.

In the three weeks prior to Home and Away moving to TV2, TV3 had an average audience of 258,587 viewers in their 5:30pm time slot.  For the last three weeks, the average audience for Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, which replaced Home and Away on TV3, was 61,629 viewers.  This equates to a 76% drop in audience for that time slot.

Since moving to TV2, Home and Away has increased in viewers by 8%; an average audience increase of 21,293 to 279,780.

The only redeeming thing, if you can call it that, about the ratings for Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals is that last week saw the average audience increase by 13% on the previous week.

Of greater concern to TV3 will be the ratings for 3 News.  The three weeks prior to the move had the six o’clock news bulletin with an average audience of 322,094 viewers.  The last three weeks have been 14% lower with 275,670.  This last week was slightly better than the previous one by 3% but there has certainly been a drop off  since losing Home and Away.  Thankfully that decline is only 14% and not the 76% that the lead in time slot has suffered.

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