Ratings decline continues for 3News, 5:30pm changes surely imminent

home-and-awayTV2 built the audience further for Home and Away last week, lifting the average audience since the transition from TV3 by a further 2% this week to 285,756 viewers per episode.  This is an overall 11% increase in Home and Away viewers on TV2 compared to the 258,587 viewers per episode that TV3 had in the three weeks prior to the the change.

The average audience for 3News fell again this week, down to 257,818 viewers per bulletin.  This means that the 3News audience is now 20% lower than it was before TVNZ snuck off with one of Mediaworks’ prized shows.

The 5:30pm timeslot for TV3 continued to depress with Friday seeing Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals slumping to it’s lowest rating so far.  With only 28,440 viewers, it surely must be moments before TV3 decide they need something else there.  (Can anyone say The Simpsons?)

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was down 27% on the previous week to end up with an average audience of 47,430 viewers per episode.

The drop in viewer numbers for 5:30pm on TV3 is now down 82% on the same period 4 weeks ago.  Ouch.

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  • Bogues

    Seven (Australia) have replaced Deal or No Deal with a new show Million Dollar Minute, after Millionaire Hot Seat (Nine) constantly beats it. It only started yesterday, so is something TV3 picks up if it is still on air after a few months.

    • Citizen Cane

      Probably just going to put whatever is the next Everybody loves Raymond or Home Improvement and put that there.

  • p.b

    please not the simpsons it should stay on four, tv3 need to be creative and or think of a quick fix that will take them threw the rest of this year, my choice would be repeats of the block and house rules from 5pm til 6pm

  • Russell Gray

    As I’ve said in another thread, try reruns of shows from the evenings that deserved better ratings such as The Event and Ringer and split each episode into two half hour ones.

    Entertainment This Week could be moved to the 5:30 slot but I don’t know what kind of ratings that would get.

    If they decide to start their news or extend their news to start at 5:30, there are at least two problems.

    1) Prime already has its news at 5:30
    2) TVNZ will almost certainly respond by extending it’s own news to start at 5:30 or even earlier! If they can do a 3 hour news show in the morning that could almost definitely do a 2 hour evening bulletin starting at 5pm. I don’t think TV3 would have the resources to do this.

    I have another thought on this however. I’ve often wondered why evening news has to take itself so seriously while morning news can be frivolous. What about TV3 having a warm up to their main news at six by having a half hour news show in the style of what Sunrise tried to be or the old Breakfast if they could get Paul Henry to do it since he already works for TV3 now in any case.

    • ell

      Ringer and The Event would almost certainly not be appropriate fare for 5:30. AFAIK both of those are rated AO. I do agree that this could be an option for a show like Glee or similar.

      My option would be to rerun New Girl at 5:30-around 50 episodes already from first two seasons. That’ll take you through to December and then they can plonk on Everybody loves Raymond over summer while they sort out what they’re going to do.

      Prime having their news at 5:30pm is not a problem either…its viewership is such (not due to content but died in the wool habits) that it’s not really a competitor to One or 3 News.

      If TVNZ chose to extend their news then so be it. Your point about TVNZ being able to do a 3 hour news show is flawed. 1) it’s not a news show 2) TV3 actually does a news show, going for 2.5 hours.

      • Russell Gray

        It seems very arbitrary saying what is and isn’t approprate for 5:30. So a show like New Girl which has a lot of sex is ok but a show like The Event which has NO SEX (the best I can recall) but maybe some fake explosions and violence is NOT ok? But watching REAL violence on the news such as dead bodies from a gas attack or war action IS ok?

        Breakfast is a news show in that they read news and interview people relevant to the news. The fact that it has a lighter approach doesn’t make it less news, in fact I argue I would rather have a laid backshow like this on as evening news would be a good alternative to all the “heavy” news we are supposed to take so seriously. My opinion, “news” is taken far too seriously in general.

        That’s why I suggest a light breakfast/magazine style lead in to the news from 5:30, something which the likes of Paul Henry would be good at. It would also compliment Entertainment Tonight I think.

        PLEASE – no more Everyone Loves Raymond. How many times do we have to see this show? What about a rerun of a classic sitcom or teenage drama which hasn’t been seen in a while? What about reruns of The New Adventures of Black Beauty or Follyfoot, just something different.

        What would be fantastic would be to see TV3 (or some other station) create a new local five day soap to rival Shortland Street, however at 5:30. But of course, that costs money, something TV3 is a little short on right now..

        • Jeseta

          There is no way a full-on drama would work at 5:30pm. People are just not interested in sitting down that early to watch something that needs their full attention and is hard to pick up if you haven’t seen every episode. That’s why soap operas and comedies are put on at that time because it doesn’t matter if you miss an episode or are distracted by dinner/chores etc. They have no money to make something new so it will be re-runs of something but I still think their best bet is one of the newish comedies from FOUR like Raising Hope, New Girl or Community.

        • Robyn Gallagher

          Whatever is in the 5.30 slot has to be G-rated. That’s usually stuff like kids shows, soaps, some sitcoms, cooking shows, lifestyle series etc.

          Also: Follyfoot? No self-respecting programmer would lead into the news hour with a 42-year-old kidult series about horses.

          • Jeseta

            When you say it has to be G rated is that a hard and fast rule the channel abides by? It seems to me that at least some episodes of Home and Away must have fallen under a PGR rating….:S

  • Harrison

    It’s confirmed – offical replacement: Celebrity Masterchef.

    • Jeseta