Ratings plunge for New Zealand's Got Talent

In 2012, New Zealand’s Got Talent was the highest rating show of the year.  It debuted with an average audience of 934,820 viewers and the following week, increased their numbers to 974,930.  The average audience across the entire series was a staggering 839,209 viewers so it was little wonder that TVNZ have been pimping it hard to advertisers on the back of that success.

It will, however, be of great concern to the state broadcaster that after talking it up and taking another $800,000 in tax payer funding that the series has debuted so poorly.

While it dominated the ratings last year, being the most watched show of the night and the week, the third season of the singing contest disguised as a variety show didn’t even come in at number two. Or number three.  NZGT came in in fourth place with an average audience of 589,330 viewers, a massive plunge of 37% on last year and only marginally higher than the season finale of TV3’s The X Factor New Zealand.


The only good news for TVNZ is that they managed to build audience across the 90 minute season premiere but the peak was still significantly lower the the lowest rating episode of the last season.

Part of the problem was the poor decision by the producers to launch the season with not one, nor two but three acts that left you wondering if New Zealand did indeed have any talent.  It was a weak start and the rest of the night failed to live up to anything close to the talent we saw in the first episode of the 2012 season.

After such terrible start, TVNZ will be desperately hoping they can turn this ship around and deliver on their much hyped promises to their advertisers and sponsors.

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  • Dave Ian Batten

    New judges and host.

    • K

      I dont think that’s the problem

      Maybe people are just sick of talent shows…(not me, I really liked last nights show but..)

      • Dave Ian Batten

        Well, that’s my opinion.

        • K

          Fair enough! 🙂

          do agree about a new host, but I don’t know if that’s anything to do with ratings… isn’t Tamati annnnoying! hahaha

          • Dave Ian Batten

            Well, it’s worth a go. I mean, they’ve change Ali Campbell. And Cris Judd is fantastic. Brilliant choice. Rachel Hunter…… nah! I’m not sure about her. And as for Jason Kerrison, he’s okay I guess.

          • K

            yeah true, best thing they ever done was get rid of Ali Campbell…he was terrible!!! Cris Judd is awesome!

          • Dave Ian Batten

            Well, I wouldn’t go as far to say that Ali was terrible, but by the same token, he felt stiff. So, it’s good Cris replaced him.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            Um… Cris putting through the Harp Girl because her screw up made her human was an epic fail on his part as a judge. He’s supposed to be looking for talent is he not?

  • Reece

    Cant believe the ratings were down. It was great entertainment because almost everyone was completely crap so it was laughs all around.

  • P.b

    In all honesty we should take the series as a new series and judge it purely on how it plays out throughout its run, which seems to be tv3’s approach when it comes to the block, I mean why else would they simply be copying the same format they used challenges and all from the first season of the block NZ, which was coppied from the 2011 season pretty much, it rarks me up how un-original the block isn’t

  • Robyn Gallagher

    It was quite strange. I remember the audition rounds of last series went on for a bit too long, but were generally been quite entertaining. But it felt different this time. The ‘bad’ acts weren’t even good-bad and the ‘good’ acts were all a bit dull – nice singers singing nice songs, but no one doing anything amazing.

    In the end, I realised I couldn’t even be bothered tweeting along and was only half paying attention to the show itself. It doesn’t help that the X Factor actually managed to make a really good looking and entertaining series, much more glamorous compared to NZGT’s suburban-church-filmed showcase. Can NZGT pull itself up for the rest of the judges’ auditions?

    • Jovan Paguntalan

      the x factor nz format is better i guess. more focus on star quailty and it is more formal and challenging. But contestants have more performances and friendships are made with each other. whereas, in nzgt, its just a talent show. showcasing a g rated entertainment. In Australia, the x factor has like 300,000 more viewers than Australia’s got talent

  • Wee

    I believe that the main reason why the ratings had plunge is because of bad timing! Everyone is so hype about the America’s Cup at the moment that the lost viewers may have more heart than the talent show. But the quality of the show yesterday was great, really entertaining, except the beginning, that’s why it’s important for any show to be consistent. But still, 589,000 viewers is still a lot! TVNZ is still making profit out of it! (I personally prefer X Factor though)

  • ell

    NZGT doesn’t feel fresh or new or exciting at all. It didn’t last year and it feels even more stale this year. It feels more than a bit ‘country town hall’ like.

  • Trevor Ashman

    They should have got Geri Halliwell as a judge 🙂

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    bring back x factor