Wow. Look at what's happening since Home and Away moved

With two weeks of ratings data, we’ve taken a look at how Home and Away’s move from TV3 to TV2 has impacted the ratings.  Initially it hadn’t looked too bad for TV3 with the first night seemingly not really having much of an impact at all.  However, as we know, it is the trend over time that is important.

Firstly let’s take a look at what has happened with Home and Away.  In the two weeks prior to shifting to TV2, TV3 had an average of 255,008 viewers per episode for the Australian soap.  With the channel change, TV2 have managed to increase the audience by 15% with an average of 293,740 viewers tuning in.

Replacing HAA at 5:30pm was Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.  Remembering that the two weeks prior to the changes, TV3 were enjoying a lead in to 3 News of 255,008 viewers on average, the new cooking show has been an enormous step backward with the average audience for each episode being a miserly 59,816 viewers, a rather significant 76% drop.

So how has this impacted on 6pm?

In the two weeks prior to the change, 3 News had an average audience of 319,549 viewers per episode.  In the two weeks following, this has fallen 19% to 259,998.  Friday night’s 6pm bulletin even dropped below 200,000 viewers to 193,440, something we haven’t seen on a weeknight all year.


3 News ratings

The most interesting thing though is that Campbell Live has rated 18% higher than 3 News on average since the changes.  The last week was 24% higher with Thursday seeing the 7pm current affairs show increase the audience on 3 News by 58%.


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  • Duh

    But you don’t believe in the lead-in effect Regan, so how could that possibly be???

    • Regan Cunliffe

      The lead in audience is 76% less than it was. 3 News is only down 19%. Campbell Live is now 18% higher than the 3 News lead in. What can’t you understand?

  • Russell Gray

    TV3 need a better lead in. There are plenty of other overseas soaps out there we don’t see.

    • ell

      I don’t think another soap would work up against an established one like Home and Away. Too risky.

      It’s clear they do need to get rid of Jamie’s 15 minute meals though. I’ve advocated in other threads a 90 minute news bulletin, with the first half hour using a decidely different format to the 6-7 bulletin so things aren’t being seen twice (so maybe a live cross in the first half hour for a big story and no track).

      Another option or two: The Simpsons from ep 1, and promote as such (every episode ever) while the latter episodes are terrible, they’d probably still go alright in the ratings. 530 episodes so that’s 106 weeks (over two years if the ratings are ok). Obviously move something else into the 7pm slot on Four.

      I’m assuming they have something in the pipeline for 2014 or they’d have pulled Jamie by now.

  • Russell Gray

    The Simpsons has been done to death. ENOUGH!
    Actually, perhaps something more radical. I notice TV2 did something a little different a while ago; they were showing Ugly Betty in half hour segments on weeknights.
    What about one of TV3 hour shows in half hour segments, something ususally on at night that isn’t too heavy on adult content; perhaps something that was initially lost in the ratings but is actually good quality? Shows like The Event and Ringer?
    Another idea is a weeknight reality show. What about overseas versions of talent and idol shows we haven’t seen? For instance we haven’t seen the UK version of some of these. In half hour segments, these could take a while to run.

    • Reece

      I think the issue is that Mediaworks don’t appear willing to actually spend any money on another show. Its part of the reason why they lost Home and Away.

      • Russell Gray

        So playing shows they already own such as aforementioned one hour shows spliced into two might work, some real beauts have been shown late at night and lost to mainstream viewers. What’s that one where they woke up in a town and couldn’t get out?
        Also perhaps a chance to show some classic tv series that haven’t been seen in years, if viewers don’t think 4:3 is now too boring much like they think B&W is now boring.
        Reruns of the classic Follyfoot TV series at 5:30 – it could bring a whole new generation of fans. They just don’t do shows like that anymore.

        • ell

          not really TV3’s demographic though is it. Anything ‘classic’ they play would have to be late 80’s max.

          I like your thought about splicing an hour long segment into 30 minutes ala Ugly Betty. I don’t know whether they’d need permission from distributors to do it, but maybe something like Glee or similar.

          I’ve got a feeling it’ll probably be Everybody Loves Raymond back there though.

          • Jeseta

            The flow of a drama would be disturbed by cutting it in half I imagine, Ugly Betty was more of a comedy.

            They’ll probably end up running an old sitcom as you’ve said. I’d love to see them give up completely on getting viewers and just re-run Doogie Howser M.D or something equally weird.

          • Reece

            Here’s a strange suggestion. How about Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It seems to do better than Jamie Oliver despite it being on four but it might get more viewers if its on TV3.

            As suggested above It will probably be Raymond though.

          • Jeseta

            That’s not a bad idea! Seven seasons of it will last a wee while. They might have to target a younger market as they obviously aren’t going to win an older one. Speaking of shows on Four, they might as well try re-running recent shows like New Girl or Community. They could end up building a bit more of an audience for the first run episodes on Four that way.

  • Karma

    Perhaps they need a classic cartoon show, with lots of free giveaways, like they had years ago. (The Bugs Bunny Show?)

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Jason and Thingee will be returning soon, so maybe there will be some cartoons between 3:30 and 5:00?

    • Reece

      TV3 moved their children’s line up including Sticky TV over to four because it was trying to skew older.

      • Dave Ian Batten

        Is that what happened? Huh!