Bret McKenzie getting his own show

bret-mckenzie-muppetsKiwi comedian and actor, Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords), has landed a new gig for American TV network Fox.

It’s business time: Bret McKenzie, half of the popular music-comedy duo the Flight of the Conchords, is developing an animated comedy for Fox.

The New Zealand native came up with the idea for the untitled show, set in the world of NASA. Fox has given a script and presentation order to the project. McKenzie is executive producing along with King of the Hill alums Tony Gama-Lobo and Rebecca May; all three are writing the project via 20th Century Fox TV.

The untitled workplace comedy follows the exploits of a group of employees toiling away at an almost-obsolete NASA space center in Boulder, Colorado. McKenzie hasn’t yet committed to voicing a part on the show, but that remains a possibility.

This should be a fun project to keep an eye out for and if Mediaworks ever get around to finalising their new output deal we might even get to see it in New Zealand as well.

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  • Jeseta

    Well Fox is definitely where you want to be if you are making an animated show. Great track record there. King of the Hill was great so looks like he has a good team with him. Hope we get to see it!