Is Campbell Live resorting to copying story ideas from Seven Sharp?

cl-twitterThere was a moment when it looked as though Campbell Live was going to become New Zealand’s leading TV current affairs program in more than just a tag line but that seems to have been short lived with the ratings dropping away and the separation between them and the highly criticised Seven Sharp on TV One widening again.  While the gap is less than what it was when Close Up was on, TV3 is still behind which seems ironic after all the braying for hard hitting current affairs.

However, since the light approach is still working better (yes, yes yes.. it’s still not as high as Close Up was), it appears as though Campbell Live may be copying some of Seven Sharp’s stories.  Take these two stories for example:

On Monday the 14th of October, Seven Sharp sent Brodie Kane and Greg Stubbings off for a work related booze up.  Their job was to load up on alcohol and then test their driving ability using a simulator, first with the proposed limit in a new bill before parliament and then at the current limit.

Two weeks later, Campbell Live ran an almost identical story, sending Lachlan Forsyth, Jendy Harper, Kate King and cameraman Billy Weepu off to Hampton Downs to down some beers and drive some cars.

On the 18th of October, Matt Gibb sat down with David Dallas to talk about making it in the music business after getting a track of his added to a game.

A week later, John Campbell ran a very similar story.

So how can Campbell Live claim to be “New Zealand’s only daily current affairs program” when they’ve clearly done stories that were previously done on a competing program, at least a week earlier?

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  • Krisda Limpapath

    From 1 November, Al Jazeera English will start broadcasting on Freeview and Igloo.
    New Zealand media did not have quality in depth same as Australia and United Kingdom. BBC, Al Jazeera and ABC Australia are much better than here.

    • Jen

      But will al jazeera have anything NZ relevant??? I want to see NZ current affairs.. because that is the country i live in.

      • Krisda Limpapath

        We don’t have real public broadcasting same as Australia, United Kingdom. We should have quality New Zealand and international news rather than celebrity and infotainment.

  • Reece

    Campbell Live has always done those personalize the journalists type stories by sending them out to test things E.g Public Transport. The idea could have been out there already.

    The David Dallas story = Plug, isnt he flogging an album at the moment.

  • Jeseta

    Not sure about the drink-driving thing, but I definitely assumed the David Dallas stories were a PR set-up by his people. I’ve never heard of him so it seemed odd they would talk about him like he is a well known star. Or maybe I live under a rock. Who knows. Besides, there is only a few stories they could cherry-pick, most of Seven Sharp’s pieces are stolen from 3 year old Buzzfeed posts anyway.

    • Robyn Gallagher

      Yep, David Dallas has a new album out (and it’s really good). He’s not a huge star, but he’s not exactly unknown either. He was one of the rappers on Scribe’s “Not Many (Remix)” and has had two other accalimed albums, both of which were nominated for the Taite Music Prize. His new album is currently #2 in the NZ album chart, behind Lorde, so that’s surely makes him notable enough for a profile.

      The two David Dallas stories were both quite different in approach. Matt Gibb’s one was experiencing David Dallas in the midst of a promo, capturing a bit of his whirlwind life. While John Campbell’s story was more a serious profile, an in-depth sit-down talk. I enjoyed both stories and I’m glad the two shows had their stories.

      • Jeseta

        Did you get the feeling they were both geniune stories the shows seeked out to do, or that it was probably a move proposed by his PR people? (I have no issue with PR of that sort BTW)

  • Bogues

    Fact is trashy current affairs will always rate higher than real current affairs. Last year Channel Ten (Australia) has George Negus which rated about a third of the trashy competition.

    • Reece

      That’s right and its something A Current Affair Host Tracey Grimshaw always claims ‘its what they’re telling us they want’.