Live blog: #NZGT semi final 1

Tonight the public get to finally have some input on New Zealand’s Got Talent with the first six acts performing for our vote.

First up tonight are the 50/50 Dance Crew.  Unfortunately for this show, making it into the semi finals only really means you had a really good audition.  This means that acts that are only one hit wonders don’t get filtered out.  They were entertaining the first time but there wasn’t anything that special about their second performance on the show.

Cris thought their performance was basically the same as last time and didn’t think they were that tight.  Rachel thought they technically needed to be more precise but she enjoyed it and thought it was entertaining.  Jason agreed it was similar to their audition but thought it was cool and fun.

Here’s the voting information.

Renee Maurice finally gets her chance to perform for the public vote after being rejected from The X Factor NZ.  Singing Wind Beneath My Wings, it’s a pretty good vocal performance.  She’s as boring to watch as Susan Boyle too.

Cris told her she gave him an Adele moment and thought it was amazing.  Rachel thinks she’s an absolute angel.  Jason thought she made a very difficult song sound easy.

Ravi Narayan looks like he’s gone clubbing with a sword.  It’s not nearly as fun as it was with the nunchucks but he was clearly enjoying himself.

Cris buzzed him out and tells him he was basically jumping around and swinging a stick.  Rachel thinks he’s just so cute.  Jason thought he looked like he was under pressure.

Unicyclists Christian and Mike are definitely talented but there really is only so many stunts you can do on a small stage.

Jason seems to be concerned that they’re not wearing helmets.  He was wanting something more than just seeing tricks.  Choreography perhaps?  Rachel says that variety is what it’s all about and pleads for New Zealand to give them a chance.  Cris thinks they’re amazing and can’t wait to see what’s next and doesn’t think adding choreography is them.

Of all the acts tonight, Mayo is the most creative.  His puppet hip hop/fluid dance tells an interesting story and is an entertaining act.

Rachel thought he was amazing showing different types of music and dance.  She loved his performance and wants to see more.  Cris loved him in the auditions and liked the concept for his performance tonight but didn’t think he showed enough.  Jason thought he was incredible and entertaining.

Forever known as Frankie Stevens daughter and her friend, The Diamond Divas perform like Christmas in the Park professionals.  They’re got loads of energy but there are some really nasty notes.  I bet they’re massive stars at Tuesday night Karaoke!

Rachel is speechless.  Jason thought that the biggest problem with their act was that we didn’t hear enough.  He thought their vocals were immaculate but I doubt he’ll agree watching this back.  Cris was full of praise.

Of the six acts, I would put Mayo and Renee Maurice through.  I suspect it will be the Diamond Divas (Since they performed last) and Renee Maurice.

Here are 5 of the acts performing in next week’s second semi final:

Teenage singer Gabriella Atkinson, Nelson hip hoppers Origin Dance Crew, rock vocalist James Lee, ballroom dancers Brian and Sarah and the singing brothers M.D.M

The sixth act, I assume, will be one of the online audition winners.

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  • Jeseta

    I’m really surprised by the reaction to Renee, although a good singer tecnnically, there is something about her voice that just isn’t enjoyable to listen to. She lacks in X factor for sure.

    I really enjoyed the 50/50 dance crew, I’m not sure what else they can do to impress, they are a dance crew therefore their performance will always be a dance routine, I thought it was different enough from their audition to be fun to watch and not repetitive.

    I reckon the Diamond Divas could win the whole thing. Kiwis love female singers with powerful voices and lots of personality!

    • Laughing

      We love people who can not hold notes? if so then im sure you are right on the Diamond Divas

      • Jeseta

        Well the live audience seemed pretty happy with their performance!