Is the Mediaworks receivership responsible for the lack of fast tracking?

HomelandCarrieThe fall season has now kicked off in the US with a plethora of new and returning shows but there seems to be very little in the way of fast tracking anything this year.  The closest we’ve seen is The X Factor USA which is just over a week behind on TV3.

Last year TV3 bought us Homeland within hours of the US.  It didn’t rate as well as it should have for an award winning show but this year it is nowhere to be seen yet.

Glee is about to pay tribute to the late Cory Monteith, the 25th season of The Simpsons has just begun, as has the new season of multi Emmy winning Outstanding Comedy Series Modern Family. 

Survivor: Blood vs Water, which was previously fast tracked on Four, has just been announced as “coming soon” to TV3 but the show has already aired 3 episodes in the US.

TV3 has generally been reasonably good at fast tracking shows and getting content here quicker but one can’t help but wonder if all these delays have something to do with the receivership and the incomplete output deals.  Failing to come to an agreement with Fox would have dire consequences as Sky and TVNZ continue to be circling vultures, eager for a Home and Away repeat.

Meanwhile, TVNZ are supposedly going to be fast tracking some new shows to their on demand service but no one would confirm which shows or when this would happen.

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  • Rob

    First episode of Homeland was great. Last year I watched it on tv3 but I am not waiting until they get around to showing it.

  • Drew Horan

    Thanks for bringing this issue up!I was thinking the same thing, that the lack of fast tracking is probably down to their receivership which is a total drag. Gawd have they not learnt from the Home and Away debarkle and if they did lose Fox im guessing Sky/Prime will snap it up to add to their CBS deal which would be a blow considering Prime aint in HD and has an ondemand service behind a paywall. I am extremely dissapointed that Four has not fast tracked Glee especially with next weeks tribute to Cory Monteith, I will find other means to watch but I do hope this issue is resolved soon and before their upcoming upfronts presentation this month. The TVNZ website states that teen dramas: The Vampire Diaries, Its spin off The Originals and Sophmore drama The Carrie Diarries are to be fast tracked within hours of their American debut.

    • Jeseta

      Are The Vampire Diaries/The Originals going to debut on OnDemand? I think I read that somewhere…

      P.S Points for your ‘debarkle’ spelling 😀

      • Drew Horan

        Haha! It’s debacle!lol Yes The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are to debut on TVNZ Ondemand from 6pm today.

  • Daniel

    TV3 will be airing X Factor USA only 6hours after it airs in the USA during the live performances. last year X Factor USA stopped airing in the states for 1 week or so due to the NFL or baseball, so it made TV3 having to put on a family movie during that time slot. X Factor will stop again for a week or so hence why TV3 delayed airing the auditions for this years X Factor USA to prevent a repeat of what happened last year. Good move by TV3 in my opinion

    • Daniel

      They stopped during the audition/home visits stage of the show

  • anonymouse

    Well its now clear why its didn’t screen fast,

    You have got to love the balls of hyping up a show you don’t yet have confirmed screening rights to….