New Jonah Lomu documentary, Anger Within,

jonah-lomu_lg_htmlI think I say this every time there is a press release that turns up about Jonah Lomu but it usually coincides with a comeback.  To sport or illness.  I hope this isn’t just another conveniently timed PR stunt but an actual documentary of a true rugby legend.

He is, without doubt, the world’s most emblematic rugby player. His outstanding physique, power and speed, coupled with determination revolutionised the game worldwide.

From violence and poverty on the streets of South Auckland to his profound encounter with Nelson Mandela; his legendary tries to the painful and lonesome daily dialysis, Jonah reveals himself in this powerful documentary without reserve.

With testimonies from his relatives, friends and a number of the greatest rugby champions around the world, this fi lm explores the breath-taking path of Jonah’s life.

Far more than a sport documentary, ANGER WITHIN reveals the powerful story of the man behind the legend.

Contributors include: Ma’a Nonu • John Hart • François Pienaar • Abdelatif Benazzi • Rory Underwood • Chester Williams • Michael Jones • Waisale Serevi • Gavin Hastings • Émile Ntamack • John Eales • Sean Fitzpatrick • Mike Catt • George Gregan • Josh Kronfeld

Anger Within debuts on Sky Sport 1 at 8:30pm on Saturday, November 2nd 2013

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  • ONLY1

    seen the documentary and there was alot of rubbish on it, you tell me who he was gang related with at the age of 7-8? since when has your dad ever laid hands on your mum if anything it was the other way round, it’s good that you want to tell your story but don’t add fibbs to make you your dad look bad as the people that really know the Lomu family from when you were in nappys know the real truth, not this so called mind games with your dad, but hey if makes you good publicity and keeps your cash flow coming then why not aye?. . . . . . .disrespectful, remember you can’t take back what you said to your own father when he was still alive.

    • Matthew

      If you know the Lomu family and you know it was all lies then use you real name only1