Which rates higher: 7 Days or 3 News

Last Friday, both 7 Days and Jono and Ben at Ten returned to TV3’s Friday night comedy lineup.  When the ratings came out on Saturday I noticed that 7 Days had beaten 3 News in the ratings and I immediately assumed that it was due to the Home and Away/5:30pm lead in changes.  I was wrong.  As it turns out, 7 Days has regularly beaten 3 News in the ratings on Fridays.

The two “news” shows have average audiences for Fridays that are pretty close.  Since 2010, 7 Days has had an average audience of 291,000 viewers per episode while 3 News has had 308,000.

When it comes to ratings wins, 7 Days has rated higher 39% of the time compared to 3 News on Friday. 7days-3news

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  • Dennis W

    7 Days isn’t a news show.

  • sniff a fart

    dont worry the average TV viewer is too thick to understand, especially those viewers that have their TV wired up to a recording watch meter.

  • K

    Over 7 Days, didn’t laugh at all…JABAT are fricken funny though !!!!