TV3's compounding problems at 5:30pm

celebrity-masterchefJamie’s 15 Minute Meals was Mediawork’s replacement for Home and Away after losing it to TVNZ due to their receivership.  The season run ended on the 11th of October with the average audience per episode only a little over 55,000 viewers.  Home and Away had been drawing an average audience of 255,008 viewers on average in the two weeks leading up to the change so the overall loss is around 80%.

Changes were inevitable and last week, Celebrity Masterchef took over.  The final week of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals drew an average audience of 51,574 viewers while Celebrity Masterchef managed to boost the numbers insignificantly by merely 176 viewers to 51,750.

TVNZ had a serious problem at 5:30pm for years but it was never this bad.

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  • Jeseta

    We all saw this coming. A UK version of Celebrity Masterchef starring small time stars we’ve most likely never heard of in NZ was never going to compete in that time slot. I still believe a general comedy is their best bet in this slot but I doubt they’ll ever beat Home and Away.

  • Karma

    Pity they couldn’t get the rights to the UK version of Come Dine With Me and screen it over five nights. The voiceover guy alone is worth the watch.