TVNZ renews output deal to keep Coronation Street

CoronationstreetGood news for fans of Coronation Street, TVNZ and ITV Studios have renewed their multi-year output deal.

As part of the output agreement, TVNZ has snapped up fresh period drama output including Breathless starring Jack Davenport, the second season of Mr. Selfridge starring Jeremy Piven and the hit Australian drama The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

TVNZ will continue to air ITVS GE’s popular drama and entertainment series, including soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale and Hell’s Kitchen USA.

Mr Selfridge is a brilliant show thanks to the Emmy Award winning Piven and I certainly can’t wait for it to return, probably not quite as much as those Coro fans who will just be thankful that their soap hasn’t been washed down the plug hole in favour of something else.

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  • K

    Well they wouldn’t want to take away Coro, would they? It’s pretty popular and I assume gives good ratings??

    • Robyn Gallagher

      The trouble is, it largely attracts an older audience, so the evening’s viewership has to be structured around what oldies like. Whereas advertisers want younger viewers.

      I’m sure Corrie rates adequately enough for TVNZ, but how often does it appear in TV One’s top five shows of the night (let alone the top five over all)?

      Interestingly, New Zealand is the only country outside of the UK and Ireland where Corrie plays in primetime on a free-to-air channel.

      • David Finch

        Apart from Canada, surely? CBC 7.30pm weeknights. And Corrie nearly always appears in TV One’s top five shows on the nights it is screened.

      • Paul

        Coro nearly always rates near the top of of TV One’s top five shows of the night (for the headline 5+ ratings), along with usually being in the top 5 overall shows.

        • Drew Horan

          I think TV One is more concerned with the key demographics 25-54 and 18-49 rather than 5 plus. It would be interesting to see some audience analysis on Coro.

  • Bogues

    Coronation Street doesn’t air in Australia (at least not a FTA tv), and the world hasn’t come to an end.

    • Baylys

      It screens on the Australian UKTV channel, and lucky for them is only a few months behind the UK screen time, unlike the morons that run TV One, who have it running 22 months behind the UK

  • Drew Horan

    Well thank gawd Coro hasn’t been swallowed up by Sky or UKTV! This is great news and the only thing left to do is close the gap between the UK and NZ.

    • Ell

      Except if it was on Sky or even Prime, they would close the gap more than likely. Tv One can’t afford to!

      • Russell Gray

        If it was on Prime, I suspect they would have it 5 days a week or even 6 or 7 days a week at 7pm. At least, that’s what I’d aim for if I were them.

        Did you know that in the UK it runs from SUNDAY to Thursday (half hour episodes). Running it for half an hour six or seven days a week would help us to catch up for sure.

        Menwhile, Emmerdale running 5 double episodes a week here, will soon have to cut back to single episodes since we are getting to just a few months behind the UK. We’re much closer with Emmerdale than we are with Coro. Go figure.

        I wonder if it is cheaper for them if a show is delayed by several months?

        • K

          It probably would be a good opportunity to change to Prime if they can catch us up now that we’re moving to digital!

          I read somewhere that it’s much cheaper for the show. Unsure if it’s true or not

  • p.b

    I dont know any young person that does actually watch coronation street so the figures have to be wrong its by all estimates for tvnz

    • Drew horan

      Im young and probs in the minority but Im so addicted to this programme. I think more needs to be done to shake off its “old people only watch it” status. Can’t TVNZ start some sort of marketing push to bring in younger viewers and cross promote it on TV2 as well.

      • Jeseta

        Tbh, I think that soap operas in general are an aging format. They aren’t launching any new ones and eventually people will tire of the current ones. A few long running soaps in the US were cancelled fairly recently. It’s a dying medium that won’t long compete with the developing quality drama format.

        • Drew Horan

          All of those cancelled US soaps are daytime shows and none screen in primetime. Our primetime soaps are alot better than there American counterparts. But I disagree there is still an appetite out there for soap operas with many people continuing to tune into Shortland street, Coro and home & Away.

  • Russell Gray

    A friend of mine had hates Coro because he had two dates ruined by the girls being obsessive about the show. They sit down at a restaurant, he’s paying for the meal, and suddenly find they want to rush it so they can get home in time to watch the show. No point in telling them to record the thing because they have to watch it live and ring there friends during the adds to discuss what’s happened so far. Who wants a date like that?

    • trigger

      That’s crazy! Who goes out on a date that early in the evening?!