Bad move for Nothing Trivial, good move for TVNZ



In regards to TVNZ’s decision to cancel Nothing Trivial Matt Griffiths said in the comments:

The lower ratings are probably caused from the timeslot switch to Wednesday from Sunday after NZ Got’s Talent (last year’s highest rated show, eh?). Not sure why TVNZ are so surprised.

He’s right, of course, that Nothing Trivial did air after New Zealand’s Got Talent for part of the season in 2012 and NZGT was the highest rating show of the year.  But let’s take a look at some context just for a minute, which I suspect would be part of TVNZ’s response to that statement.

There are two things to consider.  Firstly, the ratings of New Zealand’s Got Talent this year and secondly, the show that replaced Nothing Trivial.

NZGT is well down on last year, meaning that the lead in it provides is not as big.  However, A Place To Call Home, which is playing directly afterwards this year is delivering TVNZ, and advertisers, an average audience that is 19% bigger than what Nothing Trivial did in 2012.

While the resulting move was always going to impact on the number of viewers Nothing Trivial would have, the business decision, from TVNZ’s perspective, has proven to be the right one.

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  • Maggie

    Well that just sucks big time. TVNZ need their heads read!!! ‘Nothing Trivial’ is a bit of a sexy, fast-moving, programme so is not going to appeal to the bores who like ‘A Place to Call Home’. ‘Nothing Trivial’ is well written, has a stellar cast, and TVNZ should be right behind it, given that it’s a local production. I tell you, I’m just about done with TVNZ – if it’s not for them chopping programmes off mid-season, or changing the timeslot with little or no warning, the ‘offering’ is dismal!!! Sounds like they’re trying to run it into the ground to me.

  • Jas

    Nothing Trival has become stale. They are always falling back to someone getting pregnant or cheating. I imagine that the programme has bored it’s viewers and they have left.