Campbell Live's best story of 2013

With 2013 drawing to a close and after watching Campbell Live have a higher average audience than Seven Sharp for only one of the 42 weeks we’ve been comparing their ratings, I thought it was time we looked at a graph that shows the real victory the TV3 current affairs team have had this year.

Year on year data has shown that over the same 42 week period as last year, Campbell Live has grown it’s average audience per episode by almost a third.


KEY: BLUE – 2012 / RED – 2013

In 2012, the average audience was approximately 235,404 viewers while this number has swelled in 2013 to 301,105 viewers per episode.  The 28% increase is wonderful achievement and really puts into perspective how much the show has increased its viewership.

While it must certainly be disappointing that Campbell Live hasn’t managed to roll over the top of TVNZ and their light current affairs offering, the significant growth that they’ve achieved in 2013 will no doubt provide a solid foundation to launch off of in 2014.

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