Everybody Hates Chris, or not having The Simpsons at least

everybody-hates-chrisOn Friday, Mediaworks was forced to pull all their Fox content from their schedules and replace it all with other shows.  This accounted for 40% of Four’s top 20 highest ratings shows.  The biggest immediate challenge was to find something for 7pm and a replacement for The Simpsons which has typically been the highest rating show of the day for Four.  Mediaworks replaced it with reruns of Everybody Hates Chris.

The Simpsons average audience on Fridays for the last 8 weeks had been 70,740 viewers per episode but the replacement only manage 34,650, a 51% drop.

It is going to be very interesting to watch what the new Mediaworks owners do to turn this around because stemming that flow of blood is going to start to hurt if it’s a trend that is here to stay for a while.

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
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  • Jeseta

    Ouch. There wasn’t anything better than ‘Everybody Hates Chris’? Tough times ahead….

  • Chris Philpott

    The fix is in – Just Shoot Me repeats at 7pm, starting tonight!
    (This isn’t a joke. Just Shoot Me seriously starts tonight at 7pm.)

    • Jeseta

      If it has to be repeats of something at least they chose something we haven’t seen in a little while. I think that’s making the best of a bad situation. I don’t mind Just Shoot Me.

      • Creativity

        The awareness of The Simpsons compared to Just Shoot Me is so much higher. I’m guessing it will continue to fall and through summer, FOUR won’t be breaking even. But if they play their cards right in the new 2014 season, it could go a lot better for them.

        My suggestion for FOUR’s early evening lineup:
        6:00 Whose Line is it Anyway? (US version)
        6:30 The King of Queens – Kevin James has some appeal
        7:00 The Office (US version)

        All three comedies ran for nine seasons (around 200 episodes) so that’s great stability, plus housing movie stars Kevin James and Steve Carell doesn’t hurt. You could even begin Whose Line with the latest season that has just finished airing on The CW. Full steam ahead FOUR!

        • Jeseta

          No one is saying that Just Shoot Me is a better choice than The Simpsons. The point is they don’t have The Simpsons as an option.

          I don’t think either Whose Line or KoQ is likely to bring in audiences substantially larger than Just Shoot Me. The Office potentially could, but they may be saving that for another of the many empty time slots they have to fill.

          • Creativity

            No one is saying that including me. I was simply calling attention to the awareness for comparison. I think Whose Line and KoQ could certainly grow their audience and they already have the rights to screen The Office, so it’s an easy option. Your suggestions for 2014?

          • Jeseta

            Realistically, I think it’s a bit trivial for us to come up with ‘suggestions’ at all, we don’t know exactly what they have available to them do we? Any half hour comedy is going to perform somewhat the same in that slot, it’s six-of-one, half a dozen of the other.

  • K

    I ALMOST feel sorry for Mediaworks…

  • Reece

    Does throng not check guides. Everybody hates Christ was a double episode on Friday only. If you looked to Monday it had Just Shoot Me listed from then this was all up last Friday.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Right.. so we can expect things to return to normal when the overnights come out tomorrow because Just Shoot Me will fix everything…

      • Reece

        Right….. (so you don’t check then) I am saying the article with reference to Everybody Hates Chris was premature considering it was a one off.

        I will also make it clear nothing will fix Four.

        • Regan Cunliffe

          So what you’re suggesting is that it was purely coincidental that the ratings were so low since it was a one off.

          It was the first data point since the change, one off or not, and a 50%+ fall from the norm is significant and worth mentioning.

          I doubt things will be much different with the new line up

          • Reece

            No coincidence, of course anything was going to fail as much of the channels lineup fails nightly.

            I just thought maybe produce an article about just shoot me (and trash the decision and ratings) after last nights ratings instead of the one of stop gap last Friday.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            I’m not convinced that “anything would fail”. The options for viewers at 7pm are pretty limited and there’s a huge opportunity for Four if they can find a good replacement.

          • Creativity

            I agree Regan. FOUR need to come up with something big to stop them from going under – and The Office would certainly do well with Steve Carell and heavy promotion. Another idea I would suggest is putting The Paul Henry show on FOUR in primetime instead of TV3 as it would be a lot more beneficial here.

  • Drew Horan

    Gawd why cant they move Big Brother from 4.30 on TV3 to fill FOUR’s 6-7.30pm slot.

    • Russell Gray

      I agree! I think that would be better than 5:30 or whatever it’s gonna be on TV3 because the length of some episodes can vary. This gives some flexability. Also, we’re months behind so that could show episodes back to back to make up the one and a half hours if they wanted to.