What to expect from Prime in 2014

anzac-girlsLast night Prime showcased the shows coming and returning to the channel.  There was no sign of any Fox content but as seems to be the case with the negotiations happening by everyone at the moment, don’t rule anything out yet.

There were four new local shows in the line up including Prime’s first foray into scripted drama in the form of ANZAC Girls, starring Antonia Prebble.  After the success of period dramas like Downton Abbey, this is a perfect fit for the channel.  Everyone was given a delicious anzac biscuit as we arrived to snack on during the show.

With the centenary of the start of World War I next year, War News will take the old footage and present it as TV news would today, complete with live crosses.

Keeping it Pure is another spectacular look at the beauty of New Zealand.

The Naughty Bits is a new local series that will showcase content that the Chief Censor has removed over the years.  Apparently the clips hadn’t been deleted so now they’ve conveniently been packaged as a show.  Sounds like a BSA nightmare so should be quite entertaining.

New Shows:


The White Queen

The Paradise

Star Crossed

The Millers

The Great Australian Bake Off

All the current shows are returning in 2014 as well so expect to see more Elementary, Beauty and the Beast, Trueblood, Top Gear, Doctor Who and Under the Dome.

With Mark Richardson and Andrew Milligan hosting the Radio Sport breakfast show, The Crowd Goes Wild will also have a radio show in 2014.

I look forward to the Prime new season launch every year.  I don’t think there is a more passionate team of people who love television as much as them.


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  • Jas

    If they love Television so much then tell me why do they show it in SD and not HD as the makers of the programmes intended them to be shown in?

    • Trevor Ashman

      Can’t agree more …..I want HD 🙂

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I think I ask that question every year as well. Probably time we pushed a bit harder for it

      • Drew Horan

        Yes we need to start a campaign to get HD and now!! Quite a good mix of shows and am looking forward to Anzac Girls along with The Millers and Star Crossed.

  • Reece

    Are they that passionate??? Clearly this passion also applies to infomercials or ‘Home Shopping’ as they call it they seem to show plenty of them.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      What screens off peak doesn’t define a person’s ability to have a passionate conversation about what airs in prime time across all networks…

  • Maggie

    Did they say who is going to host ‘The Naughty Bits’? I thought Te Radar did a good job of hosting TV1’s ‘Best Bits’ …
    I wonder if the revised ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (announced this morning to be making a comeback, albeit based on the UK format), will get picked up by Prime? Might be what it needs … tipped to host it are Hayley from The Crowd Goes Wild (I thought she was one fo the professional dancers?) and Tamati Coffey (who is becoming a little over-exposed, in my humble opinion).

  • Simon

    ANZAC Girls won’t be Prime’s first foray into scripted drama. That would have been ‘Interrogation’, which screened (I think) in 2005.

    • Robyn Gallagher

      And ANZAC Girls is an ABC (Australia) production. I’m not sure how it counts as a first for Prime.

      • Regan Cunliffe

        You’re right Simon but this is the first scripted drama since Sky took ownership.

        There is NZ On Air funding to the tune of close to half a million dollars for the six episodes so it is definitely a co-production.