General Discussion: November 22, 2013

This is your space to talk about any matter relating to television.

Today I’m wishing my wife Rachel a very Happy Birthday so it’s going to be a TV free day…

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • Maggie

    Why do TVNZ insist on breaking series up halfway through?
    By this, I’m referring to ‘Winners and Losers’ – by the time the screened the second lot of episodes half of us forgot what the storyline was (the first half was screened earlier this year; the second half just recently finished). And now they’ve done it with ‘Mistresses’.
    There is NO obvious reason for this hotch-potch! We were a series behind Oz with W&L; ditto with M.
    It’s annoying, and probably makes people want to switch off and go and buy the DVD where they can watch the whole thing continuously with no silly interruptions.
    What’s going on at TVNZ?!

    • Jeseta

      What shows were they replaced with? If the ratings were lagging they might have tried a different show in the same slot. Did the shows eventually come back in the same time slot? Sometimes when a show isn’t rating well they burn off the episodes later in a less popular time slot.

      • Maggie

        I can’t remember what they replaced ‘Winners and Losers’ with, but they aired the first few episodes earlier in the year and didn’t even announce that it would be taking a break. We were only about six in, when it suddenly stopped playing. Then, by the time they played the remaining episodes in that series nothing flowed – they didn’t even have a catch-up on the Sunday night prior as they sometimes do (although, when the remaining episodes screened, they repeated them on a Sunday night).
        In the case of ‘Mistresses’, they’ve replaced it with ‘Embarrassing Bodies’. They put a voiceover announcement across during the last episode that aired, saying it would be taking a break and would be back early next year. There is absolutely no reason to do this as it has already aired in full in the States, and a third season was announced back in September.

        • Maggie

          I can’t remember if ‘Winners and Losers’ returned to the same night, but it did appear in the same time slot.

          • Drew Horan

            Winners and Losers first appeared in Jan on Wednesday nights before pausing because of ratings but it reappeared back in primetime in August at 9pm Thursdays but this new slot soon failed and TV One sadly gave up on this drama and dumped it on Sunday nights at 10.30. All these timeslot changes really destroyed its following and it should of been paired with a much stronger lead in like Packed to the Rafters or the 9.30 Sunday slot. What makes things worse is that TV One has said in the TV Guide that it wont be bringing back Winners and Losers next year, which succkksss!!! This also brings into question the decision to spot buy programmes with no commitment to screen all seasons and to dump the programme if it fails rather than have it play out in off peak slots that an output deal would enable.

          • Maggie

            Thank you – yes, that’s what happened … I decided to buy the latest (to have shown in Oz; yet to screen here) series via iTunes and really enjoyed watching it as a complete – uninterrupted! – series.
            I have a feeling ‘666 Park Avenue’ just disappeared too (from TV2) – one minute it was there, appearing one week night; the next it was shuffled into a late night weekend spot; then *poof*! I know it was cancelled in the States, but I’m sure the series was longer than what we saw (admittedly, I stopped watching after it moved to the weekend (I think they moved it to very late on a Sunday or something), but I heard other people complaining).
            TVNZ really need to be spoken to about this because they’re taking all the enjoyment out watching these series for people who DO like them (and, as you say, it destroys their following).
            Did they really say that they’re not bringing back W&L? Heck! That’s a really good show! I don’t know if they’re making another series after the one that I’ve just watched (which screened in Oz two months ago) … the jury seems to be out on that and Virginia Gay (who plays the business consultant character) seems to be signed up to a theatre company pretty much full-time … but then I read that the makers of Packed to the Rafters cancelled that not only because the Rafters’ house was on the market in real life, but because they wanted to focus on their other ‘baby’, being W&L.
            I think whoever makes these programming decisions at TVNZ is out of touch with their audience – I know lots of people who love W&L! Sheesh!
            Jeseta – yes, that sounds possible as ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ is apparently quite popular. It’s got to the point now though, that if I like a series I’m just going to buy it on iTunes rather than tune into TVNZ and risk losing the series halfway through.

        • Jeseta

          The only reason I can think of is that the ratings were too low. That would make sense if they brought in ‘Embarrasing Bodies’ which I think gets steady ratings (Too cringe-worth for me!). If they bring back ‘Mistresses’ next year they’ll probably be burning it off during the summer period when viewership is down anyway or put it in a bad timeslot – late night or weekend.

        • Chris

          Mistresses was suffering in the ratings from what I’ve seen and was constantly being thoroughly beaten by X Factor USA so it was inevitable they’d take it off. Embarassing Bodies is so far rating far better in that slot.

  • Harrison

    Happy Birthday Rachel

  • K

    Yeah happy birthday Rachel!