Hey, hey, it's Andy... the racist

Delegates from Fox were in attendance at TVNZ’s new season launch last night as the state broadcaster attempts to woo them into an output deal and were treated to some good ol’ fashioned racism by TVNZ’s General Manager of Commissioning, Production and Acquisitions, Andrew Shaw.

Shaw danced his way onto stage in his typical high energy fashion and could easily have been mistaken for one of the geriatric auditionees from New Zealand’s Got Talent before embarking on his impassioned speech about what was to come from TVNZ in 2014.


“We’re not afraid of controversy on TV One, that’s why I’m allowed to make speeches”, Shaw said, almost as a qualifier for what was to come.

Shaw went on to describe the Topp Twins’ new show, Topp Country (they’re his good friends he tells us):

They’re going to be doing the country we mythically relate to.  Those dusty roads, those small villages, those fabulous towns. Unlike Auckland, what a shit hole.  Let’s face it, it is isn’t it?  You can have all the motorways and all of the over passes you like but Auckland isn’t really up to much.

There were multiple groans from the mainly Auckland crowd of advertising executives who were also supposedly being wooed to depart with their cash.  Sensing the crowd may have been turning on him, Shaw qualified his comments:

I’m doing that for the people who’ve come up from Christchurch and Wellington because they just don’t get enough love really. Do they, you know?  Or taxes.  Or roads. [pause] Or Polynesians.

There was awkward laughter and Shaw quickly moved on to talk about the rest of the line up.

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  • Simon

    There’s enough mean-spiritedness and backstabbing in this industry as it is. Do you really need to contribute at this level, Regan?

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I wouldn’t call this backstabbing

      • Tommen Tobias

        Poor Regan. So bitter and twisted. The most unpopular boy at school, still on the outside, desperately trying to get a look in.

      • BJ

        I’d call it unnecessarily drawing attention to something said in front of a select audience that should be allowed to stay there. You are creating trouble out of nothing. What is your motivation?

        • Regan Cunliffe

          a “select audience” that included other media who were presumably there to report on the event and not just enjoy free food and booze…

    • Jane

      He’s still a bit gutted he missed out on an invite.

  • David Finch

    You may have a valid point to make here, Regan. But can you please explain just how/why that comment makes Andrew Shaw a racist? (Not saying you’re wrong, but I do want to know your logic).

  • ratmuncher

    Anybody who has visited Christchurch will know that there are many Polynesians in Christchurch – not invisible but better integrated.
    And because of the earthquake Christchurch looks more of a shithole than Auckland – and the climate stinks.
    Not a racist comment Andy but a cheap shot for the Aucklanders which went down like a lead balloon – standup obviously isn’t his thing.

  • Jack

    Well, that was a whole lot of nothing. Great read…

  • Tim

    definitely a racist remark…in some ways worse than Tamahere’s and Jackson’s comments…

  • disqus_w9JKY8O72e

    Good enough for me.

  • Phil

    I’m with David, I don’t see your logic, he’s clearly saying poor old Christchurch is all the poorer for not having motorways built, taxes spent on them and the coolness of a vibrant multi cultural society.

  • David

    Probably only as racist as the author’s own joke: https://twitter.com/reganjcunliffe/status/246413370499166208

    • Regan Cunliffe

      good lord.. you trawled all the way back through my twitter feed for that? Try using some context…

  • laurence

    Are we not surprised ,Andrew Shaw is your typical small town hick New Zealander with racist tendencies.

  • Anon

    Good lord, get over yourself, that wasnt racism

  • ratesarerevolting

    LBIAFC !