Home and Away's boost to TV2's ratings shortlived

home-and-awayWhen Home and Away made the move to TV2, there was an immediate increase in the ratings.  However, the end of September has seen the gains evaporate to where TV2 is now behind on the same period last year when the Aussie soap was on TV3.

The first six weeks saw TV2 increase the year on year ratings by 28% with the average audience being 289,037 viewers per episode compared to the 226,121 on TV3 in 2012.  The previous six weeks before the change over saw a 12% rise for TV2 over TV3.

With daylight savings about to kick in, the ratings for the show on TV2 began to wane.  Five weeks later and the average audience is now down 7% on the same time last year to 228,715 viewers per episode and 15% down on when the show moved across.


While a drop off around this time should be expected, it appears as though Home and Away seems to not be enjoying the boost in ratings you’d expect from a TVNZ channel.

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  • Creativity

    I noticed this when I was looking at the ratings lately. The drop is more significant than TV2 were predicting I’m sure. From next year, TV2 really should move it to a later timeslot, say 8.00 pm. Daylight savings won’t affect it, the ratings would go up and so would the rest of the evening. Then play My Kitchen Rules on Sunday (for two episodes) and Monday (for one episode). This would allow more local content to screen for the majority of the week and less repeats of The Big Bang Theoy (which has lost momentum now).

    • Reece

      Home and Away at 8PM is a good idea. It provides a stable consistent rating and year round show for TV2 and other shows can work around it. Especially since US dramas (new or established) aren’t working for them at the moment.

      • Russell Gray

        The +1 channels would be better off as +2 channels during daylight savings. That would move Home & Away etc to a later time slot.