Just how bad is losing Fox for Mediaworks

tv3logo_1With all the excitement over Mediaworks losing the Fox output deal and what impact it would have on their schedules, we thought we’d take a look at TV3 and Four for 2013 and see just how much impact losing these shows will have on their ratings.  As it turns out, the impact for TV3 isn’t nearly as bad as you think.

Of the Top 20 highest rating shows on TV3 this year, none of them are from the Fox output deal.  In fact, only 10% of their Top 30 shows will be lost from today so the impact overall isn’t that significant for TV3’s lineup.

Four, however, is a different story altogether with a massive 40% of their top rating shows for 2013 vanishing overnight.  With 40% gone, it’s not going to “Feel Like Four” anymore.

Here are the Top 30 shows on TV3 this year with the Fox ones in bold:

The Block NZ
The X Factor NZ
3 News
Campbell Live
3rd Degree
Crime Exposed
Territory Cops
7 Days
The Graham Norton Show
The X Factor USA
House Rules
Home and Away
Australian Federal Police: Frontline
Grand Designs
Jono and Ben at Ten
Kings Cross ER
2013 International Comedy Gala
Storm City
Inside New Zealand
Destroyed in Seconds
The Simpsons
Modern Family
New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker
Drug Bust

Here are the Top 20 shows for Four with the Fox shows in bold:

The Simpson
American Ninja Warrior
Family Guy
Bob the Builder
American Dad
How I Met Your Mother
Thomas and Friends
Peppa Pig
Go Diego Go
Scaredy Squirrel
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
The Cleveland Show
New Girl
Wonder Pets
Tickety Toc
Barney and Friends
Australia’s Next Top Model

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  • Harrison

    Many of the movies would have been Fox too. I noticed they have also pulled the 20th Century Fox movies as well, as Garfield has been replaced with Barnyard.

    • Creativity

      That is really gonna hinder their ability to play movies all week over the holidays. When the new season rolls over next year, I don’t think TV3 and FOUR will be able to play three – four movies in primetime every week.

      • Russell Gray

        Maybe Four will really cease as a channel?

  • Krisda Limpapath

    I think all fox studio content will move to TVNZ, Prime (which owned by Sky TV) or Choice TV.

    • Harrison

      ChoiceTV is an excellent idea 🙂

  • Jeseta

    I never realised American Ninja Warrior did that well for FOUR, I guess I’m not the only one watching!

  • P.b

    I actually see it as a good thing coz to be fair y pay all that money wen them shows from that output deal barely rate competitively against tvnz, it means they kan invest in other content which will attract viewers and more of them

  • Gleeks <3

    As a 14 year old person i thought x factor usa was gnna be cut but luckily it wasn’t but other than that they might as well cut the fox thingy but im definetely going to miss glee though :c

  • Daniel

    I think that the biggest winner here is, again, TV2.
    TV2 is going from strength to strength on the back of TV3’s problems.

    • Reece

      There actually isn’t much on TV2 that’s rating that well at the moment either.

  • richie21

    the simpsons

    have been on tv since the 90s in NZ, first being on TV2, then moving to
    tv3 in 2003, then four 2011, youve broken the record now mediaworks as
    this is the first time where the simpsons will vanished on tv, we kepted
    up the record till now, so overall The Simpsons have been the biggest
    lost as mostly all of us have watch it while growing up, very sad, as
    there is no home for it. TV2 used to have rights to The Simpsons as well
    as Futurama since it was last seen in 2003, so wouldnt think they would
    pass up that opportunity to screen it. The most obvious spot is at 6pm
    as friends is overdue to stay off the air for a while. we can all ponder
    where they should go but honestly, they are best suited for Four, 7pm
    Simpsons, futurama at 6.30 and even Malcolm in the middle was coming
    back in a few month to replace Sabrina he teenage witch, even that 70s
    show was eventally coming back. so im dispointed for now, but i hope
    they make a deal where where fox shows return in 2014, as they said, no
    fox shows to at least the end of the year, and they are still trying to
    make a deal with fox, so who nos

  • richie21

    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11154050. there hope yet, it seems they will be back as soon as nxt year, check out the link

  • Russell Gray

    Interested to see which of the other channels grab what. I hope TVNZ or Sky don’t hog the lot.

    • Dave Ian Batten

      You should have your own show!

      • Russell Gray

        Doing what? 🙂

        • Dave Ian Batten


          • Russell Gray

            I think I’d need to do more than that to have my own show. 🙂