Just shoot down the ratings

just-shoot-meWhile Friday saw Four’s average audience halve compared to the typical ratings that The Simpsons would usually generate after they aired a double episode of Everybody Hates Chris.  The stop-gap measure allowed Mediaworks to bridge the end of the week due to losing all their Fox content and last night began airing repeats of Just Shoot Me.

The overnights are in and the prognosis isn’t much better.

The Average Audience for Just Shoot Me was only 45,830 viewers, which is again, 50% down on the last 8 weeks average.

Four’s channel share for Friday was down 7% on the previous 8 Fridays but last night was down 23% on the preceding 8 Mondays.


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  • Creativity

    The decision to air Just Shoot Me still baffles me. I was predicting it would be this bad. Better make a bold move to keep FOUR from collapsing next year.

    • Russell Gray

      I don’t mind “Just Shoot Me”. I haven’t seen it in a while and didn’t watch most of it when it was first on.

  • richie21

    four should put viewers first before there own company, personally, they should of gone with the fox first in deals, cause there content is better, than watching pathetic programming like community

    • Jeseta

      Four wanted a deal with FOX, and are trying to get it going again. Any deal they have with NBC is unrelated.