The Nation hasn't been canned at all

nation_logoYesterday we published a story that claimed The Nation had been canned by TV3.  This is incorrect.  TV3 contacted us this afternoon, concerned about inaccuracies in the story.  As it turns out, the release sent out by Frontpage, the company that has produced The Nation for TV3 for the last 4 years was misleading.

The headline stated “After four years The Nation ends this weekend”. However, TV3’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings, told Throng that this isn’t the case at all.

“The Nation is a TV3-owned concept and part of our news and current affairs stable and we certainly haven’t ‘canned’ it.”

What is actually happening is that the independent production company has been removed from the equation and it will now be produced in house.

“There is currently a proposal before NZ On Air and the decision is due out mid December”

This is the second time that Frontpage have suffered at the hands of a broadcaster.  In 2008, TVNZ chose not to continue having Frontpage produce Agenda and instead went inhouse with what is now Q+A.


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  • Maggie

    I’m sure it’s host (Rachel) said on yesterday’s show that it was the last episode in the series, and indeed the series was finishing … she said that the goodbyes would be happening on today’s (Sunday) show.
    It sounds like someone may have forgotten to tell her what’s happening!
    Actually, I’m pleased it hasn’t been canned per se … give the hosting job to either Sacha McNeil or Samantha Hayes please, Mr Jennings! (And whomever of those two doesn’t get the full-time host role can be the others’ back-up).

  • Fiddy

    This is from Rachel Smalley’s Twitter account (

    .@TheNationTV3 comes to the end of the season, and the end of its time on TV3. We look back on the show’s 4 year history from 10am.

    Maybe they wanted to refresh the show, complete with a new host? I agree Sacha would be good, as would Sam – but Sam probably has more one-to-one interviewing experience, whereas Sacha has been newsreading from the autocue for a number of years (prior to 3, she worked on the Tonight show @ TVNZ).

    • Fiddy

      Forgot to say – maybe they chose not to tell Rachel, or whatever reason.
      It does seem odd, but that’s the way of the world in TV-land.
      Probably best that she does take a complete break from 3 now and focus on her new job at ZB – I gather it was a bit of a surprise to just about everyone that she would leave such a coveted role as Frontline, and she kept complaining about how tired and over-worked she was.