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I’m sure that someone, somewhere is truly excited by this announcement.  Many others, everywhere would be if A) TVNZ had bought TiVo to the market when it actually mattered and B) If Sky didn’t have control of the content that is accessible to Quickflix subscribers in Australia.

Quickflix today announces that it has entered an agreement with Hybrid Television Services Pty Ltd (Hybrid) for the streaming download of Quickflix subscription and pay-per-view movies and TV shows to owners of TiVo media devices in Australia and New Zealand.

Hybrid is the operator and licensee of TiVo in Australia and New Zealand.

The TiVo media device is one of the world’s best known digital video recorders with a revolutionary easy-to-use-interface and highly-engaged customer base. Quickflix’s streaming download to the TiVo media device will replace the existing CASPA video on demand service in December. TiVo customers will be able to access the Quickflix digital service through their TiVo media device as well as other registered devices including a wide range of smart TVs, game consoles, tablets and smartphones.

Paddy Buckley, Managing Director of Quickflix NZ, said “We are delighted to be bringing Quickflix to TiVo in New Zealand. This represents a significant new opportunity to extend our reach and will bring a wide range of new content to TiVo owners.”

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  • Tom

    Wait, werent they thinking of putting it on Freeview?

  • betterlatethannever

    wow…. really ….

  • Gary Scopes

    I don’t think you can even buy TiVo anymore. Had a look at their website, nothing at all. People should focus on making Igloo bigger and better, rather than adding features to a product people can’t even purchase anymore!

  • I’ll continue to enjoy Netflix I think.

  • Grabate

    Quickflix really isn’t worth it, old movies and a library that is rarely updated. They’re moving onto TiVo yet they still don’t have an Android app.

  • Lynn K

    Got the expensive TIVO on the Telecom pay as you go($799 if I remember correctly) then had to spend another $120 for the Desktop package and when I complained when Telecom halved the price within months they said other stores have specials but I explained that places like JB and Harvey Norman usually only have old models on special as new models come out. Now as I am already set up and would like to put another one in another room and can’t buy one except on Trade me – and who knows where they are from – anyone got any ideas.