Seven Sharp follows Campbell Live to the fundraiser

retina-kevIn 48 hours, Campbell Live raised $575,000 for the relief effort in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the country.  Now Seven Sharp has followed suit and has announced their own fundraising effort.  Which one will come out on top in this challenge?

Top Kiwi celebrities are joining TV ONE’s Seven Sharp in a special auction to support Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines.

Big names including Sir Peter Jackson, Lorde and David Tua have been quick to donate goods to the Trade Me auction, set up by Seven Sharp to get essential supplies to those in need following last week’s devastating typhoon in the islands.

Bids are flying in for red hot items including a barbecue with the Mad Butcher, Sir Peter Leitch; a pair of boxing gloves signed by David Tua and Joseph Parker; a poster signed by Lorde and tickets to the Vodafone Music Awards; and a signed deluxe DVD edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, from Sir Peter Jackson.

Also adding to the mix are contributions from Kim Dotcom, Lydia Ko, the 2012 Olympic Gold medal-winning New Zealand Rowing Team, Anika Moa, visiting US rappers Salt ‘N Pepa, Trelise Cooper and the Seven Sharp presenters themselves.

Seven Sharp executive producer, Raewyn Rasch, is ecstatic with the response to the auction so far.

“Kiwi celebrities have leapt at the chance to help those in need, and given New Zealand a great chance to get behind emergency efforts,” says Rasch.

“We’re proud to help the Typhoon Haiyan relief fund to get important supplies to those in need,” she says.

The public have until this Friday to get their bids in, with all proceeds going to Oxfam’s relief effort.

The auctions can be accessed via Trade Me or Seven Sharp.

The full auction list is:

– A deluxe DVD edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey signed by Oscar-winning director, Sir Peter Jackson.

– An Xbox One signed by Kim Dotcom, received on the worldwide launch night.

– 2 x enhanced GA tickets to the Vodafone Music Awards to see Lorde perform, plus a signed poster of Lorde printed on cloth.

– A golf putter signed by Lydia Ko.

– A catered barbecue with the Mad Butcher, Sir Peter Leitch, at your house. 

– A pair of boxing gloves signed by David Tua and Joseph Parker.

– Salt and pepper shakers signed by iconic hip hop girl group, Salt N Pepa.

– A signed album from Anika Moa, as well as a personal serenade by the award-winning Kiwi songstress herself.

– A Pullman Hotel package valued at $750 a night.

– A $500 Trelise Cooper voucher.

– Six magnums of Moa beer.

– A dinner and hotel voucher for the Sky City Grand Hotel.

– A pendant from NZ Mint Jewellery valued at $199.

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  • David Finch

    Poor taste, Throng. Neither TVNZ or TV3 is calling this a “challenge”. It doesn’t matter who comes out on top. It matters how much money they raise for the devastated Philippines.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Are you trying to suggest that competitive fund raising wouldn’t raise more than fund raising by itself?

      The real winner in this challenge will be the people of the Philippines so bring on the one-upmanship I say!

      • David Finch

        I seriously doubt that “competitive fund raising” would raise more money – the concept would be enough to make me think twice about donating – and it’s to their credit that neither channel has chosen to taint their efforts with anything so crass as an open challenge.

        • Regan Cunliffe

          I’m guessing you’ve never seen a Telethon then…

          • David Finch

            I suspect I’ve seen more Telethons than you, Regan. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think two commercial channels in NZ have ever run competing telethons at the same time for the same cause.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            Congratulations, and yet you can’t seem to recall at least two celebrities trying to outdo each other by doing crazy stunts in order to raise money.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            I see the Herald are calling it a “battle of benevolence” this morning. All this publicity for fundraising… what a terrible, terrible thing…

  • Maggie

    Wow – Seven Sharp definitely has some smart cookies behind the scenes working for it.
    As if the ‘in studio, behind the desk’ celebrity spots weren’t impressive enough, the list of offerings being auctioned is fantastic.
    Go them!

  • K

    How did Campbell Live raise money?

    Seven Sharp is currently at $8332…a way off 565k 🙂 they might come close though, they have some good stuff on auction